27 Years Old

>27 Years Old
>No Kids

I set up an appointment with a Urologist today. I'm going to get a vasectomy and get circumcised.

AMA, or try to talk me out of it

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do it faggot

Why the circumcision, do you have foreskin problems?

It's mostly for hygienic reasons, uncircumcised dicks have a slight odor to them within only a few hours of showering and I'm just done with that shit.

1) vasectomy is cool, just freeze some of your kids incase bro. Doesnt cost much.

2) dont get circumcised unless you got a lot of skin, then just get a trim off the top, but don't go all way. It wont heal as well as a baby would have.

3) i use to think Oreos taste good, but as less happy as i got, the less tasty they became. Why do you think that may be?

It's nothing, that's natural
assuming you know how to pull back to wash and don't have any kind of bacterial disease
Do you live in America where uncut dicks are made fun of?

Have heard nothing but good things about vasectomies. Good luck.

Get circumcised it looks better.

Your stupidity for doing it proves you're a great candidate for it.

>t. Excessive viewer of Jew-produced porn

Use racism to prove your point try harder honey.
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seems a bit late tbh


Yeah I do live in America but I haven't ever been made fun of for it.
And the smell is natural I know and no infections but it still bothers me. I just like to smell clean as much as possible so that smell bothers me.

1.) For me I don't need a "just in case" I don't want kids, ever. And I don't want to give my future self the option to do it and fuck up his life.
2.) I have heard otherwise, plenty of grown men get circumcised without any kind of difficulties.
3.) Depression makes you lose joy in things you once loved. Get help with that.

Which one are you referring to exactly?
I also think it will look better afterward.

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using extremes to argue
Here is what a normal uncircumcised penis looks like

why would you mutilate yourself and reduce the feeling you have in your dick?



yep, very typical, at least 50% look like that. thank you mr. jew for showing me the way.

Having a vasectomy isn't a 100% chance of nonconception. They have a very slim chance of correcting themselves. Still use a condom. I'm 31, I don't want children. Had a vasectomy and the urologist warned me of a reversal. Be sure to look at freezing your sperm, just in case.


Eurotrash stinking up this thread with their foreskin.

Well aside from the hygiene thing I mentioned, I also seem to have a high sensitivity issue. Not in the sense that I am a premature ejaculator but in the sense that when me and my girlfriend have sex after about 20 minutes I am completely raw and it hurts so I can't cum. I'm hoping the procedure reduces some of my feelings so I can actually enjoy sex.

You know, phimosis is extremely easy to cure? Simple things from becoming flaccid and pulling the skin back, then getting a boner, and doing this for months can easily cure phimosis. Using phimosis as an argument is completely invalid because you can cure it without any kind of medicine or surgery.

it's understandable that you're insecure and upset that the rabbi/african tribe leader mutilated you. so now you feel the need to show deformed people's dicks to make yourself feel normal. hopefully one day you can love and accept yourself, even if you are less of a man now.

This man speaks truth. I had issues with it when I was younger, but I was able to stretch it out enough that it's no longer an issue.
This is true, mostly because most doctors tend to simply snip the tube and tied it off, when I speak to my urologist I'm going to ask for a section of the tubing to be removed completely so that way there is no chance for them to fuse back together.



Well so far no one has come even close to convincing me not to do it.
For the few who have told me to freeze some sperm "just in case" No. Absolutely not. I don't want kids, ever for any reason.

Usually it's also cauterised.

Well that sounds super unpleasant.

are you literally retarded?

As a squid myself, I lold

You going to just throw random insults or would you care to express why you even begin to think that I'm retarded?


you are going to hate being circumcised. you have that foreskin for a reason


Freeze some jizz (at an actual jizzfreezing place)
Then go for it, you do you nig


Care to elaborate why you think so?
I'm honestly looking for several thoughts on this, I have been on the fence about it for a long time finally pulled the trigger in making the appointment.

I was 25 when I got my vasectomy. Now I blow stressless loads in all the randos, it is great. Fuck anyone else getting my money, besides the gov I guess.

yea I bet you fuck all the grilz

How old are you now?
Did you have any kids prior?
Have you had any regrets?
Led to any issues in your relationships?

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>Expectation logical reasoning
By God, just leave


OP, go read this.

I honestly don't care about genital mutilators anymore, they will never change their minds on something, because in order to accept being wrong they would have to become a monster, which in their eyes they will never be.

Things will never change and absolute retards will always mutilate their boys and girls justifying it with monkey science (same science used to explain male genital mutilation is also used to explain female genital mutilation, which the west accepts as being retarded yet thinks our same reasons for the same body part are special) and invented religious reasons, but maybe you can avoid making a mistake for yourself.

26 now. No regrets so far, no kids prior to. I don't do relationships.

Lol I love that webm. And I don't bang a ton of chicks, just like a new one every month or 2.

Get circumcised it makes men look more attractive to me that's what i think.



what is that?

You mean it makes the penis more attractive or you saying it makes a guy more attractive in general?

Won't try to talk you out of it, it was the best decision I ever made for my dick. Didn't harm pleasure at all, I like the sensation better. Nothing but benefits. The scare stories on the internet delayed me getting the surgery, wish I did it sooner. Looks great too.

I already found out who you are, Don't play stupid.

You don't get to hear from many guys who got the procedure done later in life so let me pick your brain.

How old were you when you got it done? How long has it been? Did the procedure hurt quite a bit? How long did it take before you could get back up and back to work?

From a stand still i think both my bf penis turns me on sometimes just looking at it.

What tha fuq are you saying?

why the fuck would anyone try to talk you out of it, life is easier with circumcised

because you are going to lose a lot of sensation in the head of your penis. its gunna make sex a lot worse and jacking of ALOT harder. you are going to start to need lubes to jack off even

>small penis
>shriveled testicles
That's OP alright.

17, almost 9 years cut.

It wasn't painless, I thought getting my bottom two wisdom teeth hurt, just took longer to heal, couldn't jack off, got boners which annoy the healing area, but I just thought of smelly dog shit in my mouth and my boners naturally went away.

Two weeks I was ready to masturbate again, I walked around funny for a week - week and a half because you cock is wrapped with this gauze so the stitches aren't poking your underwear and irritating the wound.

Well I don't think it's going to make sex much worse than it is now, I'm super sensitive to the point that it hurts and so I can't really enjoy sex as it is now. As for the lube thing, I think it's worth it to actually enjoy sex with my girlfriend.

Here is how a circumcision and penis worm removal are done user.

Don't worry, dicks heal fast.

wisdom teeth hurt worse*

I figured it's going to be painful, and work is going to suck for awhile. But I figure long term benefits out weigh the pain.

I have seen a lot of fucked up and nasty shit on the internet before but jesus that is fucking disgusting.

Fagfag here
I prefer cut guys.It looks way more sexy than an anteater.=) not just that because it feels weird like a tiny marshmallow when it touches me also foreskin kinda grosses me out.

You got issues then, my dick smells fine. It's only if I go two days or more not showering it becomes a problem

It's bait bruh.

If you can handle your wisdom teeth pulled, you can handle getting circumcised. If your surgeon does a good job, you'll wish you had it done sooner.

You'll end up with kids but they won't be white. Also, any woman you're with, no matter how much she claims to not want kids, will cheat on you.

I'm not talking like a serious and terrible smell after a few hours. Just something that if you pay attention is just a bit off putting. If I go without a shower for 2 days the smell can get pretty bad, like I would decline a blowjob because I wouldn't be that rude to someone.

look, natural is better but circumcised is no big deal, I was as a baby and I enjoy ex just fine

Current girlfriend wants kids, this is her one big compromise in our relationship. If she cheats on me, ah well I'll just cheat too. If she gets pregnant from someone else then divorce will be super fucking easy.

my dick doesn't smell anymore after the snip, it's a very obvious benefit. it's never dirty. my balls just smell if i let them go a while and i'm exercising.

You want to get circumcised at 27 without any medical problems.

Please get that vasectomy.


sensitivity issues can be dealt in ways that doesnt mutilate your penis. its also going to hurt a lot for a while. I know a guy who lost nearly all of his sensitivity

LMFAO this nigga talkin some real bullshit.Thanks i needed that laugh.

>"You want to make a conscious choice about your own body?"
>"Please remove your genes from the gene pool"

Dumb fuck

I don't understand how this happens unless the surgeon completely fucked up. I like the way my dick feels better after the snip, a lot of guys do too.

Thats only one of the many benefits to having the procedure done. Pain is temporary, benefits last a lifetime. Many men report the exact opposite.

No vasectomy is 100% safe or effective

Freezing your sperm is no guarantee

Your current health determines sperm health

So if you do decide to get your balls cut you can be assured that your stored sperm will go bad and you'll knock up a bitch you definitely don't want to and she'll receive this. Nutrient deficent choked off sperm that results in a retarded baby you'll have to care for until your death

I hate condoms too bro so I just don't fuck women who are crazy and don't agree with using birth control or abortions

Shut up Tyrone you can't have the white pussy

possibilities of this happening are basically zero.
So thats all like saying "Don't have sex. Ever! you could knock up a girl who has aids and then you would be a father of an aids baby. Is that what you want!?!?"

My current gf is on birth control, and will stay on birth control even after the procedure (hormonal thing, she has to) and I am perfectly fine with abortions.

I would respect your conscious choice to jump off a cliff.

Circumcision has made a comeback in recent years after being in a negative light for a while, most of the new studies say it's better to have it done.

Nah not attracted to white women.I'm Married to a beautiful black woman,latino woman are more of my type.

Well everyone I think that settles it, I'm getting the procedure done.
I'm going to bed now, night everyone thanks for the conversation.


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