Im the creator of the andy sixx log of shit meme. ask me anything

Im the creator of the andy sixx log of shit meme. ask me anything

Have you ever seen a dog?

how boring does your life have to be to keep coming to a website for close to a year to post the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again until the point where you have annoyed other random people you will never meet in your entire life to the point that they start posting the same stuff just to trigger other people ?

Like, you do realize that you are kind of like the troll song guy that is genuinely proud about his song when others just use the song for the sole purpose of trying to annoy one another, not because its so good or even remarkable, but because people associate that song with annoyance.

You have literally accomplished nothing. What "you" changed is not even your doing.


I wish I would see a dog

Do you know you’re an asshole?


Are you fucking sorry?

Do you still work at the gas station?



Are you andy sixx?


Who is andy sixx?


Grow up.

Would you dig for rusty gold in Frank fritz asshole.....?

Forgot image

Dig for rusty gold.....?
... Well...?
AMA thread.... No answer... Op is literally a faggot

This does not answer any of my questions.

Not trolling, seriously, why did you make this meme and who is andy sixx? Are you andy sixx and is that why you find it funny/entertaining?

How steamy, creamy, and dreamy are your logs? They won't be as good as Andy's but how are yours?

Just want to say thank you. That's all. Keep doing gods work op

Perhaps you're one of many people who ask themselves "Why is there a meme out there portaining to some queer who we've never met before's shit? Why do we care? Why does anyone care?" or "What is someone trying to accomplish by posting all of these fucking memes on the internet?" And that's a fair question. You have a right to know, but what you don't have a right to do is post onto Cred Forums unless you are 18 years of age.

Perhaps people are dumb and don't read any of the explanations provided to them by the Cred Forums staff or the KnowYourMeme entries. These, of course, are that Andy Sixx is the hottest, sexiest, emoest, gothiciest eukaryotic multicellular organism to ever walk the face of the earth and traditional sexual intercourse could never truly consumate one's true and deepest desires for him.

> assumes age

> still doesn't answer any questions in a AMA thread

Welp, I tried. Guess I go back to ignoring this cancer.


What is your favorite log image?

How does your mom's pussy taste like?

This is my personal favorite because I requested it personally and it's done masterfully. Plus it's my favorite game of all time

Like your girlfriend's

I'm not op. Grow up.

A Sixxer is needed here. Post strategically