Why are you single Cred Forums?

Why are you single Cred Forums?

cause i push caring people away being scared of getting hurt

Because I'm not over my ex.

Cause I'm on Cred Forums

same here man

Relationships are a waste of time and effort.


Because I don't trust women at all anymore.

Girls arent interwstes in me tbh the avoid me which sucks

Need to get employed again. On disability after a bad accident some years back so I haven't found anything beyond one night stands from the bars/tinder. Need to get moved further into the city too. Luckily I'm a decent looking guy who is very social.

If a sperglord like me can gf than you can 2.
>pic related

>this is me pic related btw


Such bs

Happily married. It's awesome getting to spend every day with my best friend.

Been heartbroken for 2 years.

On netflix there is a documentary about the likes of you. The guy was so butthurt by a girl that he thought a life like sex doll was much better..

Fucking wake up. If you got hurt, its partly your own fault. Definently your problem. Deal with it, dont blame the world.

>The guy was so butthurt by a girl that he thought a life like sex doll was much better..

At least it would talk less.

Never blamed the world you insufferable niggerfavgot.

nice quints


Because id rather fuck whoever I want. I haven't found anyone that I would want to exclusively bone.


because I'm a boring cunt

because in reality im a crazy self absorbed bitch who secretly enjoys hurting men. i realised this only after destroying more men than id like to admit. Im currently in intense therapy and working on myself so i can love myself and hopefully love someone one day.

this is epic pwnz0r win

I broke up with her after she left the country for school

Oh, tough luck..

Im 6'3 suck my dick

Insecure too, the odds are not in your favor son

that is a chin i would cease dating because of

Then stop being miserable.

I'm not
I'm in a long distance open relationship
Can fuck whoever I want which felt weird at the beginning

Bet shes fucking more than you

>ex was a psycho bitch who used, abused and threw you away
>but it's a bit your fault anyway :^)
fuck off and fuck you

that made me happy to read, good on you user!

tell us more?

Figure that shit oit before you get with them.

I'd toy with mens emotions until they no longer felt anything and emasculate them relentlessly then throw them away. It was almost erotic to me. BUT, I can't do this forever so its time to get help.


but why?
did you get raped and feel like you're taking your revenge? just because you can/could?

because i fuck hookers.

who the fuck gives a shit about whores and their shit.

don't worry, that's just called "being a woman"

Glad you're trying to fix things because you are the reason I have severe trust issues with women.

good point

No, i just have an obsession with cause pain. my ex told me to become a dominatrix, after i mended things with him.

but like wheres the lie

Yeah, some of us can be real cunts. Sorry.

ah, makes sense
emotional pain is truly the worst

Cuz I'm ugly, poor and have no direction in life. I'm also abrasive and naturally reclusive by nature.

Hopefully one day my personality will match my looks. But until then, im still kinda a huge cunt.

Minus "naturally".

>Yeah, some of us can be real cunts. Sorry.
I don't hold you solely responsible. It's societies fault in part for dehumanizing men. Cruel women just took the incentive to exploit the system. Cut it out and we cool.

I'm probably both voluntarily AND involuntarily celibate by this point.

Hey man if it makes you feel any better I sincerely hope you find someone that is nothing like me. And i almost never give a fuck.

Got drunk with a friend, she told me she liked me and asked me why we never got together. I like her too. Turns out she was just sad about this other guy and wanted some ego-boost from me I suppose. Fucking pissed me off. I'm done with women for a while.

because I don't like non-virgin females.

>girl's main asset = vajayjay
>man's main asset = house+income+savings
>women's privilege = wasting own assets and yet being eligible as gf/wife

Good. Relationships are too much work. Just jack off and hire hookers

ha, you say that and yet i bet you're not even interested in drinking their blood

good luck
and hey, maybe someday you'll find a guy who you find too cute to hurt too much

This. I would rather go long periods of time without sex than be socially pressured to spend money on someone I'm just trying to fuck. And I sure as hell am not giving some tramp shelter in a place I'm paying a mortgage on.

you sound like one of those really annoying virgins that do everything in their power to be right about everything all the time then go home very alone to make his dick cry then bitches online about how women ruin everything

The fact that you say that means there is still good in you. Nurture that.

I can't be around people for more than a few hours without feeling like I'm gonna die.
I'm also alcoholic, only limited by my own lack of money.

Sounds anatomically pre-determined, a common condition rarely diagnosed. I suggest we assess the data or you seek advice from others.

Is that what you tell yourself? Good luck, user

Cause I rather fuck around with slutty girls while I'm somewhat young

Let's see

>social phobia
>living with parents
>anti social
>NEET for life
>never seen a relationship turn out well for anyone around me

I'd rather marry a woman able to support me and have sex with me.

but it seems that career women only marry dudes who earn/own way more than them.

Yeah fucking bitches not wanting a sponge.

is that REALLY your reasoning? i only push them away because i get fucking uncomfortable from closeness and when people talk about feelings.

got non of those as a kid feels bad man.

dat double standard

Just insecure and no car

you instead sound like one of those really annoyed and annoying virgins that do everything in their power to self-validate and self-pity, while attentionwhoring on the internets.

the actual problem ("sexual liberation", aka men willing to marry cock carousel riders, aka cuckoldry pandemy) is all about "who is attracted by what".

it should be mandatory since 1st grade to teach everyone the real life lesson:
1) you will be attractive as much as you will be independent (house, savings, income) aka "rich"
2) women may surrogate "rich" with "virginity+modesty"
3) loyalty and commitment are always an absolute must.

>tldr: my wealth shall not be available to wrecked vajayjays

I've been travelling too much and every chick that's attracted to me or that I pick up lives over an hour away.
Sick of it so moving to NZ in a year and settling down in one place for good.

I'm short as fuck (5'4)

Chicks are HARD WIRED to want someone who can provide for them. Because for 18 months pre child, she’s gonna need someone to provide for her a child(ren). It the same with every other mating animal. The females need providers because they can’t for a time period. Soon as you get that, you understand women. It dat easy.

why i should not be?

if your banksavings were around six figures, and you own a cozy house with no debts and still having a steady income, hundreds of women would ask to marry you even if you told every single one of them you had a saggy and non-functional penis as well.

Hang on- we letting you in?


>being this triggered

This guy Needs to read this

It's complicated


I don't have a GF because it's PRICEY !!!!

- gift for birthday
- gift for Saint's day
- gift for anniversary
- gift for monthiversary
- gift for every year graduation
- gift for Xmas
- gift for Easter
- gift for New Years' Eve
- gift for Helloween
- gift for March 8 "Womens' Day"
- gift for St.Valentine
- gift for newborn kittens of her cat
- many, many, many gifts for making her forgive some of my non-existent wrongdoing

I did not count cinemas, pizzas, paying for everything in a date, paying for her train tickets, and so on.

>TL;DR: I'm single, that is, I'm saving big bucks.

...and "gf" is an abbreviation for "GiFts".

Trust, I know the power of money. But when youre in uni with a bunch of 6ft tall white guys you kind of look like a child (aka unfuckable)

on the other hand
>no steak or bj on "steak and a bj" day

make that your main appeal and try to find a pedogal?

I'm tall (6'4), well built (200lb lean), get complimented on my looks regularly, have a half decent job, but I'm hopelessly attracted to horses. I can't cum with a girl without closing my eyes and visualizing them. Add the expense, and emotional toll girls exact & I'm fucked m8s. Tried to force myself to put up with their shit, have a 'normal' relationship, but it only makes it worse.
tl;dr fml

>gift for Saint's day
Literally what
>gift for monthiversary
Stop dating basic bitches or clingy girls
>gift for every year graduation
Literally what? Why is your gf graduating every year?
>gift for Easter
like $5 of chocolate eggs, stop being a jew
>gift for New year's eve/halloween
Only gift you should be giving her on NYE/halloween is your dick in her mouth
>March 8
Literally what
It's no big deal, a month later in March she's obligated to treat you to a steak dinner and suck you off all night

Thought having a gf does cost a little you're exaggerating.
Fuck man you need to stop dating 9/10 instagram basic bitches made of plastic and meet some real women.

The more I lurk these threads the sadder I get seeing how detatched and stupid Cred Forums is.
I thought I was detatched and stupid but holy shit

why don't you buy yourself a mare, stallion?

Autism, nuff said

I've got two

bj's gross me out, and I can buy a steak by myself, without paying for a supplementary steak for her

>Literally what
spotted the buddhist nigger

>Stop dating basic bitches or clingy girls
basically any female without a steady income

>like $5 of chocolate eggs, stop being a jew
Spent $54 in chocolates and she was the Jew asking for moar.

>Only gift you should be giving her on NYE/halloween is your dick in her mouth
spotted the negrovirgin faggot

>It's no big deal, a month later in March she's obligated to treat you to a steak dinner and suck you off all night
that only happens in center africa cannibal tribes

>a gf does cost a little
sounds like your pocket money is in the order of six figures

>be my friend
>starts dating a luxury girl
>rushing to get a job because fuckin gifts
>10$/hr and he can barely sustain bf's duty
>faggots envy: "OMG he's having sex with a 10/10"
>my meh: "OMG he's wasting himself for some sex"
>2 years later she eventually dumps him
>he worked his ass out - zero savings - many regrets - literally paying big bucks for a fucking whore

you sound overweight and dead inside
and with no talent or unique skill

whens the last time you left the cave?

>joins why are you single thread
>proceeds to blame women for being forever alone

nihilistic society has forgotten what true love is


you are single because shitting on the street is not a good mating call

I’m ugly simple as that. I don’t have high standards either. I’ve been rejected by ugly girls and fat ones too. Inb4 special snowflake and there’s someone out there for everyone.

please, mr. Ad Hominem Fallacy, continue showing us your moronic retardedness

I'm not.

having a gay bf doesn't count, faggot

Why not?
Because I don't even know where to start I'm too awkward.

Because I keep on hesitating. There's this one girl I'm crushing on and I believe she's crushing on me as well, but I can't muster up the courage to confess.

did she spot you typing this? ~
but really, if you ever use tits as a pillow, you won't feel inferior to others anymore, a healthy relationship also helps against depression

she can probably fix you without even knowing, give it a shot


before someone steals her for you.

I don't like being touched or having someone rely on me. I don't wanna spend all night talking or taking someone out to eat. I save money and am free to do whatever I want.

Because once I get with someone, they realize my "act" is actually who I am and get annoyed with it really quick. Also, I leave those who like who I am because they are usually people who want to change ("improve") me. I'm not your "project", thank you. I'd rather be alone and fap than deal with drama and issues. I could go on, but that is 2 of 7000 reasons why I'm single. In short, I'm an asshole. I'm a likable asshole, but that only attracts... cannot keep one that way.

Trips are good tho, asshole!

I have a small penis and my face is not attractive

I cant make them laugh. Im awkward. I dont know what to say. Im fat. My home is a shithole. Poor. My father is a madman. Only things i know are from Cred Forums. Humor is like Cred Forums dry and cannot be understood. Im not interesting. Im boring. Predictable. Lonely. Ugly. I immediately fall in love when a girl gives me even a tiny attention. Girls find me weird. Im a fuck up and i have given up. I would love to kill myself but i love my mother who is abused by my father. Fuck my life.

>even considering dating girls that don't have a job or form of income
>buddist nigga
Nah you sound like an overly Christian South American or something. Half of the holidays you mentioned aren't even real.
>that only happens in center africa cannibal tribes
You don't know about Steak & Blowjob day a month after Valentine's? I feel bad for you.
>spends $54 in chocolates and she's asking for more
fuck man, you need to start meeting different women.

well, just kill your father and take his place, it's been done before... greek guy, i think

That Oedipus was a real motherfucker.

Dubs say I confess

never said those dates are real.
just said a woman is constantly attentionwhoring, and quite a percentage of the required attention is labeled "gifts".
and no, I ain't an Americhad.

Just asked a girl out and she said she had a bf but she gave me her number and she said that we can definitely "chill" sometime
The fuck does that mean and should I even bother?

welp quints don't lie

it means she's craving for validation ("OMG I have a bf and this user wants to chill with me, I'm turning him down at the very last moment because I won't cheat on Chad - except if user was a Chadder Chad than my Chad")

Okay I won't bother then, I don't think I'm chadder than anyone

I prefer 2D gals

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