Which is better? Tinder or Bumble?

Which is better? Tinder or Bumble?

Are any of them good for relationships and dating? Or just hookups?

Are you attractive? If yes it doesn't matter which you use, you'll get what you're looking for.

Are you unattractive? If yes it doesn't matter which you use, youll get next to no matches anyway.

/thread cause you fucks know I'm right.

Read somewhere that something like 80% of females on there are after long term relationships. Unsure of how that was surveyed but it's a reasonable baseline.

Finding a hookup or relationship depends on how you play the game. How you present yourself in your profile is key in getting the matches you want. Starting the conversation, building rapport, getting the number, and sealing the deal is literally the same as how you would in person.

Also the women messaging first gimmick in Bumble is an actual meme. 99% of the time they'll send a "Hey!" and expect you to actually begin the conversation. Stick with Tinder. More people on it.

Or you could sign up for both, and use both? Cover both bases? What a stupid question, just use both!

You forgot that literally everybody on Bumble is on Tinder too you funny cunt.

So? There are people on one that aren't on the other too.

>implying that OP will match with any of them to begin with


There is no advantage to using both apps unless you're a desperate cunt. I've done the rounds, and juggling apps is pointless. You're right, there are people on one that aren't on the other, but that's a very small minority that ultimately do not make an ounce of difference. Odds are, if they've signed up to Bumble, they're on TInder too.

i have over 2000 matches, hardly any respond and the ones that do respond never want to meet up

What pics do you use? Care to share tips/pics?

That means you're ugly fam

>2000 matches
>ugly fam

its literally all about the looks, if youre not good looking youre not going to have a good time. if youre not good looking get ok cupid or some shit

People swipe everyone right and then settle for the best match they get.

Out of 2k you were consistently ugly.

thats how 99% of guys use it yeah

women dont use it like that

Ok fag well out of like 50 matches I got like 20 phone numbers. I'm hot, they wanted the d. some of them got it too but im pretty autistic so that put the majority off lmao


maybe if i was a kissless virgin like you

Tinder is better unless you want to marry a 45 year old divorcee

I find these apps strange, im average looking, maybe a 6 or a 7 but i have absolutely zero success and only usually match with gross girls (i just like everyone) .
However irl i do pretty good, i've fucked over 30+ women and some of them are 8s and 9s, i don't fucking get it.

Used both. Uninstalled Tinder, because it started an infinite loop of the same 50 chicks every time I opened the app. Signing off, deleting account, nothing stopped this glitch.


I stopped swiping on fatties and girls that that don't make my pickle wiggle. You match with less but you can at least concentrate on the few matches you get.