I just found it in my gf's room. What should I do ?

I just found it in my gf's room. What should I do ?

Accept that you've lost

soak dong in chilli oil

put it in your ass, obviously

Establish dominance, use it yourself

ram it in your ass

Be a man and throw it out. When she gets home give her the sex that she never imagined in her wildest dreams then tell her to make you a sandwich

Use it to fuck her until shes panting like a dog then fuck her exhausted body into the ground

nothing you fucking beta, girls like toys, be happy about it, guys getting insecure because of their gf toy are idiots who dont understand sex and shehumans

>Implying op can even get it up
Hey user, guess why she got the vibrator

slide that puppy into your shithole and hands-free ejac my nigga

Coat generously with Tabasco, then place back where you found it. Patiently wait for the outcome.

Putting it up your ass is best choice for multiple reasons.

One of which is it will fixed your gf an infection next time she uses it

Smell it, user.

use it, take pics and send em to her with the message " I've found love, goodbye bitch"

Obviously full of girlfriend less virgins.

Here’s advice from someone who is actually in a relationship. Put it back. Vibrators are a normal part of relationships. It’s like masturbating. It doesn’t matter if she gets full pleasure from you or not. It has nothing to do with it.

Although mess with it and she will probably break up with you.

>be a man
Wield it as a sword this is your Destiny

Bait thread

Put her ass on the internet

ask her if she has toys. use it on her. you should've bought it for her.

You have been replaced.

Swallow it whole.

Put Tabasco on it, this will teach her not to have fun without you.

>Vibrators are a normal part of relationships.

Man, this is why I love Cred Forums.
Reading the most stupid moronic things and have a good 10 minutes uninterruptible laugh.

ultimate proof your dick is meh.

>tl,dr: chinkmade plastic is better than your meat

Get the fuck out of here, you stupid neckbeard virgin fuck. You wouldn't know what a relationship was if it sat on your small worthless cock.

It's not about insecurity but respect. If my Girl wants to have fun with a toy, fine but we should talk about it, if she buys one behind my back, i'd be angry for sure.

They are though

Hope you've never had a wank when you've had a gf then

Quit looking through her shit. If she wanted you to see this, she would have used it in front of you.

This is absolutely insecurity.


op is well on his way to becoming a cuck
her next toy will be black

For a start....
You are a stupid fuckwit.
Its never been used. The tie is still on the cable.
Stop being in insecure fucktard.
Stop searchin your gf room because your a beta fag

Holy shit a real life virgin. How does it feel to be the most neckbeard person on Cred Forums

If you think a vibrator is taboo then try stop jerking off

>a real life virgin
>on Cred Forums

Put it back

Grow up.

Write your name on it with a sharpie

this, just dont put much on it.. just a little (it will be enough)

And of course, post the pic.
Or it never happened.

What were you doing in your girlfriends panty drawer?

Put it back where it was
Be happy your gf has a sex drive and is into sex toys

I do believe the appropriate phrasing on this board would be "dildo in pooper" but I guess standards have slipped

So spaketh the slightly butthurt ultimate Cred Forums Chad

>getting this butthurt even before reading a post
>implying they would be OK if gf (if ever landing one) secretly prefers chinkaplastic over their wiener

Friendly reminder that if you buy a fleshlight you're a total loser (and even more loser if you actually had a gf, and even moar and moar loser if you bought without discussing it with her)

are you trying to appear like an oldfag?

currently its scientific name is brapper

unironically shove it up your ass so she gets a urinary tract infection when she uses it

turn it on before she gets home one day and just chill on the couch and ignore it til she addresses it

Use it

>Set up video camera
>Use it on yourself
>Upload filth to pornhub
>become famous... ish
>post video here

You should do better

*shrugs* Suit your self, mr hero is missing out on a heap of fun. I bought my wife a nice vibe. Use it on her while having sex, watch each other masterbate sometimes, its great fun. Your loss.

burn it

use it

>bought my wife a nice vibe

pic related

*gently eats ass*