My girlfriend, smash or pass, bros?

My girlfriend, smash or pass, bros?


Looks like a big slop of shit.

Some more.

Cute slit-- post more.



Thanks I’ll post more if more answers

no tits, expects us to make a decision

Listen I'll fuck her but I'm gunna cum inside her and u suck it out with a straw


2 sets for the price of 1!

She is a little thicc but smash dat shit

definitly smash! very nice body, love it!

Thanks a lot :)

That's fucking gross bro

What about Georgia?



Nice! Would Smash.

Thurrs no fuckin way that thottie hottie is your girl

Again, very nice.

Thank you :)

nice!!! pls moaaar

Looks like my when I take a shit with my shirt off

would smash you too

She's disgusting OP

kek'd hard