What is the best beer? i don't want to drink no shit beer

what is the best beer? i don't want to drink no shit beer

dragon's milk

its the best dark beer besides this one called game of thrones

None of those. Try a green bottle

Larger- Bavaria. Cobra.peroni.dorada

Ale- black sheep.newcastle brown.old speckled hen. Hobgoblin.trooper

I'm partial to canned heineken. Depending on how the bottles are stored they can let in too much light and make it taste funky, but cans don't have that issue
gotta pour it into a glass though to let it drop several degrees. if i have corona or miller or whatever, make that shit as cold as you can, but heineken tastes better a little warmer

im on kierens atm, like asahi but less bitter, fucking delicious

kirin* if i wasnt afucking retard

dragons milk is good. honestly, most stouts are.


i mostly drink pbr but i'm not a picky drinker. stouts are great beers and typically are pretty creamy. I really don't like ipas at all. There's a lot of different ales and you can always find one thats good and for your taste

If in the US. The big breweries suck try some of the basic companies that have come about since beer has been more refined in the US are.

Bells brewery
Dogfish head
New Belgium
Thirsty dog

Try something from one of those brands

if it's American it's shit

Anyone have that webm of Bud, Bud light, and Busch racing across the ice?

Nice if you can find it. Asda in UK sell a knock-off version like Asahi, just isn't the same.

The best beers are only available locally.

I get the 24oz can of Kirin for a little over $2 after tax, it's the best tasting 24oz I've had. store doesn't sell bottles though I'd like to try those


kronenbourg all day, everyday.

Anything by Thornbridge in Bakewell.

That's easy, anything not American.
Your beer is like water

What is the worst beer you've had?
This tastes like you're s'mores if you forgot the graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate but instead took a bite of the stick you put in the campfire. most smoky, ashy flavor i've ever had, undrinkable

water is best drink, the most water-like-beer then would be best beer

Best is budweiser in my opinion. Not the us pisswater, the original from the czech

>he shops at Asda

Kek. Lidl & Aldi masterrace here :^)

> " what is the best beer ? ..." ;

In my opinion, there are three God-tier bottled "real-ales" in equal top place :

Morland - "Old Crafty Hen" ;
Shepherd Neame - "1698" ;
Greene King - "Abbot Reserve" .

All three are pretty strong at 6.5% ABV.

I try to ensure that the Chiller never runs out of any of them in my Home Bar.

All beer is shit.
Spirits all the way

I'm a fan of stouts and porters, but for normie beer, Yuengling and Heineken are both ok. Don't bother with Guiness unless you're drinking Irish car bombs. Half a pint of Guiness, and a big shot of three quarters Baileys and the rest Jameson. Drop in the shot and chug for your life. Tastes like a milkshake, but it curdles if you don't do it fast. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Guiness, but once you've had a decent stout, it pales in comparison.

Dogfish Head 90 minute
Bell's Two Hearted Ale
Victory Hop Devil

Pale Ales
Sweetwater 420

Left Hand Milk Stout
Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter
Guinness (only on draft please)
Terrapin Wake and Bake

Various Others
La Fin du Monde
Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin
Lazy Days Pecan Ale
Sweetwater Barley Wine

Theakston's Old Peculiar


That's a good marzen

>says it tastes like sweet stuff
>tastes like cigerette ash
>10 dollars for this bullshit too

Given that your selection only contains American "beer": None of those.

Yuengling's a pretty safe bet for me. If I'm looking to feel fancy, Troeg's and Lancaster Brewing Company both produce nice beers.

This might not be too useful though, as I think these brands are all relatively local to me over here in Pennsylvania.

none of those in the pic are beer

beer is for homos who enjoy being idiots and losers.

Olde English 800 is the best beer on the market... it's sweet, it's inexpensive and it's strong AF... it claims 7.5 i think it's closer to 8.5... the shit is way stronger than other 7.5 beers... I drank 5 40's of OE one night and nearly died... 2 and you're off your ass


Go to the grocery store, face the beers in your picture, look to your left. Go get those ones.
If you enjoy macro lagers like the ones in the pic, I like Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve the best.

Otherwise, it's hard to make a recommendation because the "good beer" is typically micro, and what's available in every state is different.

Our macro beer is. The majority of people are pussies. If you ever visits us, I think you'll find our smaller breweries in every city are amazing. I'm near Portland, Oregon, and if you haven't heard of the beer coming out of this state, I dare say you know nothing about beer. It's some of the best in the world.

u must be kiddin

>Best beers


Kys already

Karmeliet. Definatly nr1

Pretty strong? That's almost regular beer in Belgium.

In Belgium even macro's are good... Duvel, Karmeliet, Leffe, Orval,...., list is endless!

You know your shit.

My top 5 in no particular order:

Golden Monkey by Victory Brewing (Belgian-style Triple)

Cutlass by Heavy Seas (Vienna Style Lager)

Americannon by Heavy Seas (American Pale Ale)

Guinness Milk Stout (it's in the name)

Nitro Pils by Daredevil Brewing Co. (German Pilsner)

Pinehopple by Evo. Brewing (Pineapple IPA)

Top 6*
I've been drinking...beer...

That entirely depends OP, where do you live and what is your preferred beer style? asking for good beers is like asking for good movies, maybe you hate oscar winning dramas, maybe you love cult classics... I'm not gonna jump into recommending you something like an imperial porter when for all I know you're a lighter dryer kinda guy and vice versa, I also won't recommend a DIPA from Norway if you live in Australia

You must be either joking or an ignorant lager guzzling pleb... huge domestic breweries in the states pump out some bland shit, as they do the world over - but america has some of the best craft beer out there, they're leading even! okay, you won't get the best example of a belgian quad or czech dark lager but they produce many of the best rated beers in the world

best lager is stella

what do you mean a knock off? asahi is one of the biggest domestic beers in japan... kirin, asahi, sapporo and yebisu are just japans versions of heineken, stella, carlsberg and birra moretti



This is the best beer

german beer


sorry, most german beers taste like piss

Fuck hipster craft beer. Pound 12 buds down and have a great time.You see this beer is engineered for prolonged drinking. Fuckin hipster neck dicked faggots will sit around sip their limited batch IPA and talk about it the whole time. Don't be a fag drink you some cans of high life talk about pussy or some other shit besides these hops increase tannins. Beer fags

stella is best

hertog jan

piss from the amsterdam canals

kronenbourg is awesome

By far my favourite larger!