I'm gonna start a YouTube channel as a NEET...

I'm gonna start a YouTube channel as a NEET, my goal is to make videos about a plethora of different topics and mainly focus on becoming a better human and a jack of all trades, lifting myself out of NEET status and becoming entrepreneur.
The transformation of virgin to chad, brainlet to big brained, zero to hero, etc.
I'm gonna start out on making videos about chan culture and commentary about different boards, slowly building up a folder with different infographics and meme's, taking them literally and seeing if they contain truth or not. Eventually reading/watching/playing the books/movies/animes/games in the infographs of /lit/, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, etc. and analyzing it. I eventually will move on to more fringe stuff like infinity chan, encyclopedia dramatica, TOR, and perhaps normie shit like reddit and other sites
Would you subscribe to such a channel? Any criticism? I feel like I haven't fully explained it but it's also still a little vague and haven't planned it out completely but I have made the channel and will create the first video today. Anyway just wanted to share.

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you should just livestream your suicide if youre going to be this much of a faggot on the internet

I will definitely do video about suicide and existentialism eventually, but livestreaming my suicide is degenerate and would just spread negative feels.

Great, then start your own website called normiechan
Hopefully Cred Forums will roast your ass if you do this

I hope you succeed fellow btard faggot


Id check it out. You have to work on finding sending subs. Once you reach certain number, it'll rise exponentially. Work on your content. Gl.

I hate typing

hmm well enjoy spamming and begging for views on social media

NEETs have nothing to offer the world and thats why theyre NEET
thinking that because you're behind a computer would change this only proves youre retarted

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Nice, subscribed
Yes I realize that, thanks.
It sounds so obnoxious the way you say it but yes marketing my channel and finding an initial audience is something that I have to do. I will aim to advertise my channel in a non obnoxious way.
There were many great people that were NEETs. NEETs do have potential because of their free time and their discontent in their current situation. They are like cacoons that can undergo metamorphosis and become great.
Poetic, is there a secret message I'm not seeing? Who's (((they)))?

Sounds pretty dull

What the channel name?

I dont wanna shit on your ideas user but a channel 'internet historian' is already on it and its good content.

Have to agree with this.

>They are like cacoons that can undergo metamorphosis and become great.
show me an example of a NEET doing this. begging your youtube views doesnt count

sounds like a plan

The first bit sounds like stuff you should be doing anyway. If you film yourself and do it 'for a channel' you wont win it will come off cringe af.
Stop being a retard for yourself not the validation of strangers, pussy.

Don't want to share it yet, but I've found a great name. I will share it when I have some content.
I guess it's not for everybody. Could you be more specific why you think it's dull?
Internet historian focuses on internet meme's and happenings, my channel is gonna be more of a self help educational channel, with humor of course. I will incorporate and analyze meme's but I don't want to do stuff there are already videos about, if there are already channels/videos about certain things I would link to them rather than do the same and perhaps distill and compress the info in them.
Einstein, Newton, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, etc. were all NEETs at points in their lives.[citation needed] Steve Jobs was a NEET and probably more. Being a NEET should be temporary phase, I'm currently a NEET. I am skipping my classes because I don't like my study anymore and came back living at my moms home since a half year ago. I'm not a complete autist but I have trouble with deciding what I want to be, but when I think about coming an eceleb and helping people improve their lives like a Jordan Peterson it feels like something I would love to do and spend full time my energy towards.
I know and I am aware of the cringe potential but I want to inspire people and document my Journey. I am not gonna show my face and stare awkwardly in the camera, I will edit my videos and put in background music and sound effects trying to make them look polished.

How cute, you tremendous faggot.