Doing a survey. Do you hate jews, and if so, why?

Doing a survey. Do you hate jews, and if so, why?

I haven't finished hating all the people of my own race yet, why the fuck should I start on someone else's!

I was born jewish and frankly i wish i had not been.


Why would I hate jews?

No jew ever called me a shitposting cunt.

No. I hate individuals.

Shit posting cunt
(A Jew)

Every damn one of them.


This, because I'm not collectivist little bitch.

Yes. Because they portrayed Hitler in a false and unfair light just because he didn't agree with their agenda! He was trying to save the world but ohhh noooo.. the Jewish bankers were too terrified about loosing control so they spam the media with lies!!

It's "Shitposting cunt", not "Shit posting cunt".

This is why you lost the holocaust. You just aren't paying attention.

OP here.
Do you deny the holocaust?

not trying to start a debate, just asking

yes because they associate as a collective

My bad


yes. theyre the synagog of satan, hiding in the heart of israel.

fun fact: the international jew has been expelled from more countries over the course of history than any other race on the planet. over 100

So calling someone a monster because they inflicted slavery and mass murder, is an unfair characterization?

Yes, it was a lie created to gain Jewish sympathy so they could invade Palestine and keep on charging £300 for a loaf of bread!

No I don't hate Jews just for sake of hating jews.
People who do are no better than niggers complaining that everything wrong in their lives are because of muh oppression and muh white people

How can I hate jews?

Sarah Silverman is hot as fuck!

Hate, no. Am I wary they hate me? Extremely, they're a religion and religions are unreasonable.

For instance my friend Nathan does nothing but play FF14, raise his kids and work at a grocery store. His father on the other hand hates Christians and Nathan has admitted he privately rants about "destroying the goyim in their own homeland", Nathan not only told me this himself, he regards his father as an embarrassing boob or in Nathan's words "a fossil".


Fuck you stormfags

Ever heard of hypothermia? Do know where large portions of documented literature and medical research came from on this topic. It was the Nazis scientist. How do you think they got the test subjects for their research?

nice nice

If you don't mind me asking, if the holocaust was fabricated, what about the soldiers who liberated the camps?


I tried to debate with stormfags before, there's no use, they're so brainwashed they can't even admit there's a possibility they've been brainwashed

No, because I'm not easily manipulated into thinking hating Jews makes me 'woke'.

enough said

fake news

I hate the ones that push for open borders and the ones that care about nothing but profit. Oh and also the few that try and fit the holocaust into every conversation. Other than that, they can be cool

According to anti-holocaust theorists, the soldiers were ordered to plant bodies and lie to criminalize nazi Germany

>Do you hate jews, and if so, why?
Primarily the co-opting of the US government via "dual citizenship" types and their involvement in events like the USS Liberty and 9/11/01. Israel is no ally of the US. Israel is a parasite.

What about the first hand accounts? there were liberaters who didn't like jews much

Israel really puts the "Jew" in Jewrusalem!

A lot of jews do not sympathise with Israel, such as major orthodox rabbis

All the Jews I know are good people. Mel Blanc, Mel Brooks, Ben Shapiro, Dennis Prager and Kyle Brovloski all seem pretty cool. I'm sure there are some assholes but that's true of any group of people.

Even jews inside of israel


brainwashed how?
>muh shaved heads
yeah, lice. all pow and civilian camps did this
>muh zyklon b gas chambers
for delousing. the allies used it too before they began using ddt in 1944. they were stripped naked because typhus outbreaks would wipe out entire camps so doing this was essential for the lives of everyone in the camps, including the allies
>muh mass graves, ovens
it was war. proper burial wasnt exactly a high priority
>muh gas chambers
with wooden doors? more bullshit. go research how a gas chamber has to be built. it would have killed the operators too

overall, the pows and civilians were treated as well as they could be given the conditions. hell, they even had plays. there's fucking books on it if you use your brain, read and apply critical thinking.

you want to know a real holocaust? almost two million germans starved to death after the war when they were denied rations by the allies. read the book eisenhower's death camps if you dont believe me.

You're a retard, I visited 2 concentration camp on my own. I saw the hole where they put all the corpses, I saw the gas chambers and believe it or not, it wasn't wooden doors.

>I saw the hole where they put all the corpses
and? should they have allowed the bodies of those who died to rot and spread disease through the camps, killing everyone?
>i saw the gas chambers
no, you saw a delousing room and listened to what you were told.

No... i think jew hatred is unjustified... you'd have to explain to me why exactly they're a problem because i've never understood antisemitism at all

Did you get anything nice from the gift shop?? I bet it was expensive..

pic related, written over 100 years ago
read the whole thing and look at the world around you. especially what you see pushed in the media

Damn jews i knew i was right hating em.

Nope, don't mind em. Kiddy diddling mudslimes on the other hand?