Are you racist?

Are you racist?

Do idiots fall for this?

Yea, retards like you keep bumping these race bait threads

I work in a prison and I can tell you that the myth of the 'bbc' is just that, a myth. I actually pity black men and the impossible standard the world has set for them

Being around black people has also made me incredibly racist


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Nope. I just find bestiality disgusting...

I have wondered what it would be like to be a black man with an averaged sized cock - terrible. I'm white and everyone expects me to have an average dick.

nope how u like that black boys BOY BOOOOYYY


Who runs the bot that keeps reposting this?

I love this too. White on black or black on white, it doesn't matter, they're both equal in their race mixing.

The jews

Boy little black bitch know your place BOY

Triggering morons has been part of Cred Forums since the beginning. Why would you even want to stop it?

Saw this on a forum. Made me kek.

Most are below average.
Google "Tiny Black Cock" - fucking ridiculous amount of results.


I grew up in this Caribbean town, whites used to be majority European immigrants or their descendants it was a very cute Caribbean town before the nigger invasion, normally they live in their own shitty shanty towns far from the downtown but because some natural events they move gradually, anyway, in my school when I did high school the biggest dick was this tiny blond kid hahahahaha they called him "The phenomenon" how we know? well we were just kids and sometimes you know you run around naked in the beach or around just for the lols


Yeah but it's the fucking internet you retard

Of course you will have many results for memes
I mean, the size difference, if real, wouldn't be huge. But since porn memes about the BBC and then white posters meme about BWC/smallBC, you'll always see "ridiculous amounts of results" when looking for those topics

It's like "white cuck", it's an extremely close and small community but retards getting triggered at fake niggers on Cred Forums made it super visible

No im not a racist. My best slave is a nigger!

I bet your wife thinks he's the best too!

Cred Forums the place were people fight each other with interracial porn.

The war has only just begun.