Does anyone know if a package handler position at ups drug test or not?

does anyone know if a package handler position at ups drug test or not?

Absolutely they do


They dont drug test unless you get injured

They totally don't. I have worked there for 2 years now (and even won a bid as a driver for a bit before I decided it wasn't for me). It's a union job and in the union contract there is very specific protocol for testing. They have to suspect you're actively under the influence at work to the point where it's blatantly obvious. Even at that point, there has to be two supervisors and a union shop steward present during said test. You're gonna be fine if you smoke weed. Just make sure you hit seniority first.

No they don't period even if you get injured.

10 year+ slave at UPS here

if you cant stop smoking weed for a few weeks to land a fucking career then you're probably a low IQ moron

they do in my building. They make sure you dont get that workers comp.

As for drivers, they give a urine sample, but no one knows if they test for drugs. If you hit someone then you get tested.

i am working on my 30 year. inside employees don't get tested. they only test package car drivers if they get in an accident. random tests on feeder drivers.

Not to be a dick but if smoking weed prevents you from possibly getting a job, why don't you just stop? I have a few co workers that smoke every day and dread the random drug tests. Just stop its totally ok to not be high.

where in the contract does it say that they test inside employees?

they test you before you sign the contract

btw, don't go to work high. I've seen them take someone they thought was drunk to get a test. only once in 30 years.

>its totally ok to not be high.
Yes but a body addicted to a substance won't send the brain that message ya dingus.

word up thanks

I dont know. Its just what I thought. I dont feel like reading the whole contract and im not worried about it myself. like 1/3 of the employees do drugs, but I had always assumed when you get injured and report it they drug test.

wtf are you talking about, you don't actually sign a contract! do you even work there?

where i work, if you cause a certain $ amount of damage, you get drug tested and you were tested when you got hired... It's for insurance purposes as well..... Employers get a huge break on their insurance expenses when they can prove that all of their employees are drug free.... just some knowledge for you dumb ass stoners

I have broke my ankle and nearly chopped off my finger. no drug tests.

possibly different in each building like my building has no breaks at all.

>used to work for fedex
Fedex package handlers do not get tested. Therefore, why would ups package handlers be tested. The company tries to keep margins high as possible by doing little to no drug tests, except on drivers. DONT be a driver and a degenerate. We had people show up drunk, high,and whatever else every other day, smelling of whatever they used last/woke up in.
>I got promoted to junior operations manager and did not get drug tested. why would the company waste money on testing a non-driver, answer me

Confirmed for this part, they claimed it was for medical reasons but didn't specify exactly.

whats sad about fedex is you have no union to protect you and no benefits and even worse pay

its federal law if a part timer works over a certain number of hours, they get a break.

no it isnt, look up the law as it goes state by state.

>thats why you get promoted
6 months after I got promoted I quit in order to avoid a scandal

the DOT urine test is for blood sugar. it is in the contract how the have to do drug tests. you guys have read the contract.....right?

Honestly, I quit smoking weed for a good year before I started working in the hub and the weird hours coupled with the amount of stress during peak and the severe under staffing, this place will make even the most anti-drug people want to start getting fucked up. Plus it helps with getting to sleep after working the night shift when your body is all sore. I quit when I went driving though. You gotta think, they pay drivers over 100,000k a year (when factoring in OT) to work hard and be safe. I'd say at that point you should probably put the blunt down.

thanks reply i was waiting to see ive stopped smoking for a month already but friend i havent talked to in a while messaged me to hangout and smoke and yeah we can hang out and not smoke but you cant deny smoking and chillin with friends while playing ps2 isnt lit

Not entirely and dont feel like looking at it now. But ive been there 4 years I quit smoking anyway cause I dont make enough money.

Ye. I am on the waiting list to become a driver. Might happen this year. I honestly doubt I will stay a driver for ever, but its worth a try. I wouldn't like getting done so late in the day. My building is pretty bad too. Some drivers can expect over 200 stops a day on a normal day, some go over 200 miles and there is shit loads of traffic. Some drivers never get a route all the way to their own retirement.

UPS: the beacon of hope for societal dropouts that realized that their death metal band or being a barista wouldn’t pay the bills.

Not true. A lot of drivers have degrees but by the time they get them they have years in the company already.

minute break for 4-6 consecutive hours/ 30 minute break for more than 6 consecutive hours. If an employee works 8 or more consecutive hours, the employer must provide a 30-minute break and an additional 15 minute break for every additional 4 consecutive hours worked.

you are correct, my state,

Just keep at it man. Just tell yourself everyday "today might suck, it may not. Whatever the case, I'm gonna work hard and get paid". Eat healthy, get good sleep, and don't let management's constant harassment get to you. That's how you get stressed to the point where you make mistakes. My uncle and biological father were complete fuck-ups and they managed to turn their life around with the security that job allows you. Great benefits, insane discounts on company stock, and a job that gives you a sense of pride at the end of the day. Plus all of your customers are generally pretty cool. Just keep plugging away and don't worry too much about getting your own route. It may take a while, but the job only gets easier and it's way more than worth it if you don't have many options available to you.

Why the fuck would you wanna work at UPS doing bitch work

When I was driving, I actually met another new guy who left his six figure, white collar job to work here because our hub was hiring drivers off the street and our benefits are some of the best in the country as far as insurance goes. Plus being in a union is nice at a company as big as UPS. You start to feel like less of an easily-replaceable cog, and in turn, you wanna work harder (at least in my case. Everyone's different).

I like to work, but my concern is your 5 day work week consists only of work and on your weekend you have to do chores and errands.

With how retardedly they handle their deliveries, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't.

I get it. It does suck at first, but after you get on a route (or even if you're a cut driver that is doing the same route for the entirety of a week) you can go on the 9.5 list. Basically once you ask to be on the list, they can't make you work more than 10 hours a day for 3 days out of the week. You wanna get some overtime, but if you do value a semi-sane work/life balance, you have to use that 9.5 list. Also, if you put up with it long enough, you get an insane amount of paid vacation with this job. All the old timers take pretty much half the summer off when it gets hot as hell where I live.

true. I know a lot of drivers who abuse something like that.

I know a lot of young drivers who just stay out til 9 pm cause theyd rather take their time instead of rush and get done or else they get more work.

ill just have to try it and see. I wish there were more part time driving positions. and Hopefully i get assigned somewhere I am familiar with, but i guess its good to figure out how to do the job in unfamiliar territory.

No they don't, unless they suspect you of taking drugs.