Why do asian countries eat dogs?

why do asian countries eat dogs?
whats wrong with them bros?
dont they know thats mans best friend?

in the West we eat cows, and in India they are sacred animals, so shut up.

but they don't keep cows as pets

Asian countries are also shitholes.

wow its almost like eating meat is wrong?

dogs are tasty! Why u eat pig? Pig is intelligent and friendly!

meat is meat. just serve dog well done, like pork.

What do you think domesticated animals are?

Just because you don't keep it in the house doesn't mean it's not a pet. Horses are prime examples.

they also eat Bat

horse tastes great!

Having a cow as a pet is blasphemy because it is a SACRED animal, do you understand the difference? Is something sacred or a pet more important?

I love dogs and all animals, but you have to understand the difference of cultures, but I understand it is idignant and horrible.

Lol we eat veil and baby sheep but we bitch of canine meat?

Dog is hard to find in China. Been 3 times and none of the locals have been able to find it for me. They did offer to take me to a place that served donkey though, lol.

You say you protect us white man
Why you so mean now?
Me so solly!

Yes they do, I’ve been to India, there are cows on leashes in yards.

yes, fucking blind losers

You’re an idiot, they keep cows for milk, yogurt, and cheese. They own them.

the chinks are fucking subhumans , that's why. Not even considering any morals , eating dog is bad and disgusting , given that they're carnivores ... That's the reason why you don't eat tigers , lions , wolves etc...

Bats. The species that lives for so damn long it is probably the most disease and vermin carrying creature in the world.
The chinese eat them. They'll eat everything

>why do asian countries eat dogs?
because dogs take up less room and are easier to care for than cows

Its a tradition, people here eat dogs when they drink. I have tasted ones when I was ten and it tastes like beef


you have sinned and must repent

are you french?

so the correct response is...to not eat meat?

is that what you're saying?