Anything to say faggots?

Anything to say faggots?

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Mueller is a faggot.

Just because he's a marine doesn't mean he doesn't fuck kids....

who's the hoodie on the right i want some of that in my life!


Thats a sweet ass trophy

Mueller sucked dick, like a faggot and swallowed a whole splatoon

>killed innocents
>didnt kill innocents


Which military honors did Obama win?

damn trump looked like a chad


Whys the marine so malnourished and looking like he walked out of Auschwitz.... Our marines aren't taken care of,

Mueller's father was an SS officer brought over to the USA in Operation Paperclip.

looked like a proper american in his youth. Kinda reminds me of captain, merica actually. Though I don't see how a figurehead with no power needs to have medals of honor.

wow kool-aid drinker detected


"Awarded Medals of Honor"

The creator is either being intentionally deceiving or just an idiot.

President trumps solder last time i checked

Two words: daddy's money

Because being in the army in no way or form makes you credible enough to become president. i mean half the people who have a military career end up shooting themselves. would you have a suicidal president? i thought not

Three words, this faggots jealous

Sounds like something only a pedo like you would say.

Jews don't believe in an afterlife.
They are based in materialistic things.
So it only makes sense that anyone who owns this shit is Jewish.

Pedophile detected


Donald Trump was badass in his prime, wish we had a 25 year old trump to beat Trudeaus ass in a UFC fight

Yeah faggot it was a participating trophy, and he earned it, fucker. Trump was not only the nicest kid in his bowling club, he also brought the best orange juice to the meeting, so don't even dare to step up to trump, unless you can bowl over 50, bitch

That going to the army and being respected means nothing to a presidency? I don't know what you're trying to imply OP, do tell!

You can't compare your experience with other people, silly user


>killed innocents
>killed communists


One is super rich, has a fine-ass wife, fuck a gazillion super models, has gold faucets, big buildings, land, home, cars, yachts, planes, and golf courses.

OH! And he beat the hell out of every bitch in D.C. and became PRESIDENT.

BEST life resume EVER!



people who live in a community

You’re on Cred Forums you double nigger

Cred Forums covers all topics


Rupert Murdoch is also Australian, not American

Sins of the father, eh?

"can you put this where its comfortably out of my sight? these facts rustle my jimmies and i prefer ignorant bliss"

>cadet bone spurs


Yeah, I'd like to ask why the heir of a multi-millionaire would willingly risk his life in the meat-grinder that was Vietnam? Why willingly go to a place where a bunch of privates will throw a grenade into their CO's tent at night for following his own CO's stupidly dangerous orders?

I'd also like to ask why people who felt the Vietnam war was was unjust are judging anyone for not going? My father broke his own knee to avoid going to avoid, in his words, "shooting farmers and children".

It's pretty clear you guys will just say whatever without thinking about your own values.

Do you know how american citizenship works and how its different from say.. Nipon or Australia?

Its for money and power and land, not principals

He didn't commit treason and supported the russian intelligence to attack american democracy, kind of a big point for any decent american, not to sell out your own people

um ok? how does that make you feel?

Meuller was never awarded a Medal Of Honor. That is a specific award. Bronze Star, yes. "V" device, yes. No CMoH. Crap comparisons are even crapier with false claims.

america has accepted cash as president and doesnt care about anything anymore.

obama said were not christian anymore so that must be infallible right

o shi-
he's in league with saruman

It's not all of america though, yes republicans and GOP want to stop democracy and kill freedom, but as long as democrats keep fighting we might still get out of this trump-hole we dug ourselves.

> Cadet bone spurs approved message

I like Trump even more now.

Remember, Trump has said on record that he wants to have sex with his daughter. Guess he liked it so much the first few times he wants more of that sweet, blood-related ass.

I don't consume those networks, let alone give a fuck, what now?
Fuck off back to Cred Forums, simple as that

Overly discussed nontheless. We have Cred Forums for containment reasons, those gamergate and thedonald faggots who came here can happily resort to it

George Lucas isn't gay, so that kinda calls into question the rest of that shit.

Nice try, Meuller already cleared Trump in the investigation, faggot.

Yeah he actually probably did.

Is there a point you're trying to make...?

>Remember, Trump has said on record that he wants to have sex with his daughter.
Got a source for that?

if you think theres a fight youre an idiot. theres no polite way of saying that

theres no way to describe what i mean in 4 mins, i cant teach you calcuus

don't watch too much faux news, not good for your brain

it got Cred Forums in here quick wow

you caring about their power and influence doesnt effect their power and influence so yorue correct but missing a lot of important information regarding what they actually do

Just deflecting an accusatory statement

he is ALSO an american

> i can't teach you calculus
I'm sure of that too actually.

keep shilling, and being a reality show tv personality does? kys alt-right fag

actual combat as opposed to chilling in boot camp

So thousands of sons/daughters of the rich and famous didn’t have to go to Vietnam, you trying to make some kind of point? Same can be seen nowadays, the “elite” makes the rules while the masses do as they’re told, that’s not breaking news.

Nice try, ANTIFAggot.

Fuck off you cancerous newfag, we don't need your kind here

Its real and everything is happening for a reason.

go back to your homesite

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It's goy, not gay

Russia is friend. Russia make America Great again soon. Mueller give Trump and Republicans clean slate before election and say did nothing wrong, ending debate forever and liberal pelosi finished forever. Russia fix voting problems with green light of republicans. Liberals with biden pelosi panic and shit themselves when lose in 2018 and 2020 and nothing can do about it. Your time is done, future is now. Russia and Republicans fix world soon, starting with right taxing of blue states and imprisoning liberal obama traitors. Russia and Republicans fix you soon.

The guy on the left isn't Mueller. Mueller was never a PFC in Nam. He was a butterbar. They don't let PFCs lead rifle platoons.

And Mueller never got the Medal of Honor. He got the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, 2 Navy Commendation medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallentry.

Damn trump didn’t go take part in an illegal farce of a war that murica ended up losing anyways? He didn’t want to be a puppet to the powers that be? Sounds like a smart man to me.

Obama had an American Citizen murdered without a trial in Yemen.

Two weeks later he had his 16-year-old son (a US citizen) murdered.

That is treason.

If everyone in america could understand this, we wouldn't have any of the drugs or shootings or puppet politicians.


Thats not even what he said: "If I were not her father, I would be dating her".

He was bragging her up. KYS.

read the posts

Its real

"handful of dominant men"

>Kiddy fucker detected.

I guess it's true what they say, you really do protect your own.

The war in Vietnam was a proxy war against Russia, the muricans knew they would never win a war against Russia so instead they went after other communist countries instead. Big surprise they picked the weakest one to start a war with but they just weren’t prepared for the geurilla tactics of the VC.

>The war in Vietnam was a proxy war against Russia
no that was the cover story
it was just a racket to extract massive amounts of money out of taxpayers

And a proxy war against Russia, notice how communism was target #1 in those days? Nowadays Russia isn’t communist anymore but murica is still full steam ahead trying to destroy them?

Trump was handsome af when he was young


Trump doesn’t have an army, there’s the sjw criers that complain about him, and the anons who antagonize and make fun of said sjw’s. Nobody is actually on trumps side.

So what is it you think the Russians did to effect literally anything about the election? Clinton lost because she was a shitty candidate, the Russians have nothing to do with that. If anything, be mad at the democrats for rigging the primary.

>Trump said
Provide source or stfu.

My president is doing a good job, sjw's are under the influence of a rustling the like of which this country has never seen. I'm glad this dude got it, I don't even care if he had help from Russia because the Democrats were trying to rig the game and subvert the voting process, he just did it better.