Canadian Thread. Hello brothers

Canadian Thread. Hello brothers

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Where am I?


How did you know?

Seen it a few times before image wise and University of Guelph is pretty well known

You originally from Ontario or nah?

Yep. Born in Scarborough


Bring back our original national anthem!!!

I can now officially say you have made me hard

How is it? Heard it's not the greatest

God Save the Queen?


Scarborough is shit. We moved when I was 5 because of Somalian gangs. Been living in Guelph for about 20 years now.


Fuck Canada

At least Canada dones't have a leader whos a Russian puppet faggotron

"in all our sons command"

Can we have one fucking thread that has noting to do with trumph


Was that on her story or a private Snap?

Not proven, I'm certain that it's false

Ah gotcha, didn't know Scarborough was that bad. Shit you're way older than me damn. I hear Surrey in Vancouver has a ton of Indians in gangs

did the change it? i never noticed

Vancouver is the shit, just be careful which alleys you walk down.

Maple syrup drinking, kraft dinner eating Canadian reporting in sir!

My dream city, hoping my career prospects work out and I'm hauling ass there. Toronto is trash, I don't like it. Toronto is the worst city in all of North America for dating


I have lived in Scarbs all my life. Can confirm is filled with gangs.

I dunno about that, but I did get laid more times in barely 2 years in Van than all the rest of my life combined.

How are you finding Van? Shit son those are some Big League numbers

Were they like 8s and 9s or 7s and below?

905 Oshawa

If a girl's room is messy that's a red flag

I somehow became friends in an open kind of relationship with a Russian girl. Fucked her sister and many of her friends, one of whom was a legit model.

Also met a couple Asian girls online before I met the Russian chick.

I don't live there any more but those were my sexcapades.

Solid solid. Asian girls aren't for me and I'm more for the less promiscuous kind of girls

Did a cold approach two weeks ago on a girl at the subway station that was giving me mad indicators of interest so I got a number close, blizzard made me move the plans and on Saturday she just didn't text after her "Sounds good.", so I didn't reply for 4 days. Hasn't got back to my text been like a day and a half after she didn't show up. So yeah right now things aren't the greatest for me, it'll change though

Asians are the best, but Russians are hotter.


Yeah they changed it to make it gender neutral. The government shouldn't have chosen it for us. There should have been a vote or something.
1 million and up for a house. Fuck off.

russian women are crazy, contrived gold diggers. even the good ones have some sort of genetic predisposition to it. great in bed, make you feel like a king when they want to but total headcases when it goes south.

I completely agree. I'm part Russian but honestly like 95%+ of Russians are batshit insane fucked up people

She let me live with here rent and food free for like 8 months...

glad you agree. i love you guys though but communism really left your population in rough shape. i don't begrudge you guys for it though, not at all.

for sure, that's the "treat you like a king" part. some are not gold diggers or materialistic, sounds like you had a good one.

1,500 to rent a shitty apartment. No thanks.
The only alleys u need to worry about are in the downtown east side.

Oh what the fuck you got lucky man

Some Russian people are good, but very few. Pretty racist towards them actually despite partially being one myself. I mean genes helped me become attractive so I got that going for me

I was renting a closet for $600 in east van

Main+Pender, right in the thick of it.

Good times.

Oh Cananda...

You are under arrest, you are under arrest...

Since I watched this series, to me, all of Canada is drunks with mullets and cops with moustaches.

from Québec , and i fucking hate Trudeau

i give a pass to the superficial shittiness. i mean, a million men did throw themselves at the germans and died, then lived through crushing poverty. that's gotta leave an inter-generational mark.

to be honest, ive never had a russian or jew fuck me over here in canada. pretty based

403 here

How fucked am I in our justice system?

repping burlington here

Not even that, it's the kind of shit they're doing to Ukraine and Russian people tend to be irrational and hotheaded and very weird

604 living in scury curry surrey.

have u heard of surrey creep catchers?

Ah so it is true what they say

Just woke up in Edmonton, -20 out. Supposed to go work like a good Edmontonian fml.

Yes i have an its pretty funny.
Surrey has a high sikh, muslim and hindu population. Though the main problem is mostly the drug addicts and homless pop. It has lower property values and rental rates so it attracts problem people.

Go for a swim in west Edmonton mall.

The song is cringy though aint it?

What did you do?

If you've been falsely accused of rape and don't have evidence proving otherwise, you're boned

What one idiot. It's vee changed so many times.


gang wars in surrey.

shwaaa yeahh boii

Any Owen Sound?

If you think the addicts being in the same places as those groups is a coincidence I've got a bridge to sell you.

Anyone else want to move to the US?

>pretty much everything is cheaper; food, gas, electronics, phone, internet, rent almost anywhere
>winters are terrible
>jobs are fucked
>too many brown people in every major city

If I had a job in the upper middle class making 100k I might.

If Vancouver doesn't pan out, in order, I'd move to Houston then Phoenix then Seattle as my choices

Where my 902 niggers at?
>the good 902

If I wasn't such a nationalist I would. My wife has a US citizenship so I could fairly easy.

I hate our bleeding heart liberals. I'm not a hard core neocon but at the same time I don't mind a little socialism. We waste too much money of shit skins and fags for that, tho.

Racist. We don't need you.

Fuck off nigger lover
We need more people like him


Sounds like a guy I’d have a beer with

403 checking in



Suh dude

London? Nice dubs btw

waterloo fag reporting in

204 Winnipeg standing by

It's not summer yet

204 Winnipeg

Howdy fellow peggers

I could post a photo in a winter coat if you’d like.

Isn't today family day for y'all?

Go be Canncucks with them

I'm in Toronto, add me on kik Nozdormu1 ;)

hey I'm in Toronto, kik me Nozdormu1 ;)

506 saint john reporting in

Why do you say that? I’ve been all over east Hastings and never had a problem, you must look like a grade A pussy and easy mark if you’ve had problems.

Someone post Hannah Bloodbunny nudes.

Quebecois here. Please roast me

Anyone got any more Oshawa

204 Winnipeg represent

On my way to score some ox


You stay classy Winnipeg

Tiny balls

Tho it's fucking cold today

WPG in the house

Hey. I'm VERY classy...

0 degrees Celsius, pretty warm if you ask me

>going to get ox

Oh yeah, you just reek of class

yo fam lets meet up today at the mall for a poutine

Minus 25 today... I'm on the bus. Not too bad out though


Sorry, hope I didn’t offend you

salut tabarnak

306 reporting in
Looking for a qt3.14 to fuck in Saskatoon. Willing to pay.

Email me at [email protected]

Anyone around that chick that was posted. Anyone downtown girls?

You know her?


Starts with a K

maple leafffff


You're a fuck and I hate you.




Got any other gals


I'm getting 2 oxy. Have them in 20 min. Meet me at the mc dicks at mountain and main if you want in

506 Fredericton, NB sucks, where should I move? 38 m, married with a 9 month old, environmental engineer

i live in saint john, I often thing about moving to vancouver or toronto


How could they elect such a cuck, bitch to lead their so called great country
Take a page from America and elect someone like Trump that’s not scared to speak his mind and hurt people’s feelings
PC culture needs to die
Why are millennials so emotional little bitches???

anyone know this face?

hello fellow 204

I'm Sorry.

Freddy here too. I probably wouldn't mind Toronto or maybe Ottawa since my employer has an office there. Whatever keeps me from staying in the Maritimes my whole life

Too bad it's half the freakin' province, eh. :D


What's Canuck-user's opinion on Gerald Stanley's acquittal?

Try Alberta, most of you east coasters are here any way.

905 durham region, what's everyone up to.

They should have dropped the charges a long time ago, and arrested the criminals.


snap letsgetit514

250/778 checking in

Anybody from Portage?

Ottawa is a colossal shithole; save me.

Sorry bro. My aunt's got a house out there, like 6 houses north of the 711. My family are all from neepawa. But I'm in Winnipeg

Quebec or Canada?

We're guarding the wrong border. Fuck canada

I'm gonna break into your aunt's house, bro. I'll even rough her up a bit. You'll probably hear of me lol

Nice meme

Because once weed is legalised in July, we kick him the fuck out. get on our level.

Hey, I don't even know who said that and neither do you.

Weed will never be legalized out here, bro. Trust me

American here. I want to visit Canada but not sure where. What are some good places to visit? Cities are cool, but I'm more into the outdoors.

Got pushed back to October lmao
Not expecting it to be legal before Scheer rapes this guy out of office in 2019

Outdoors for hunting? Or just chillin

Vancouver is probably the best city in Canada, or Montreal. Montreal is great for skiing and Vancouver has a few national parks that are gorgeous. Either one works well

am in saskatoon :)

807 northwest ontario

Hunting would be nice, but probably just chill. I hunt a lot here in the states. Mostly want to check out the landscape.
I've heard Vancouver is legit. I've also been told to stay away from the French speaking areas, since I know zero french.

905 oshawa. Down here for reading week.

gotta push it until election time so that the Cons can promise it

Colten was a piece of shit. everyone knows that. we're just letting the natives pretend to be big kids by running around and playing politics. dragging a trogolodite culture 1000 years into the future, kicking and screaming, will be shitty. however it needs to happen or else those lazy fucks are going to be losers forever.

anyone here from Vancouver island? I see people in my comp sci lectures browsing Cred Forums all the time but I never find UVIC people in these threads

I'm in Vancouver (along with what appears to be 90% of this thread lol) and it's great. Mountains of every variation, beaches, huge natural parks.
Everywhere east of the Mountain is garbage. Too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer, and flatter than paper.
Montreal is cool, but if you want to do some sightseeing of cities and landscapes, Vancouver is definitely where it's at.
Don't mind all the Asians.

You lucky fucks are living in my dream city. I despise Toronto

Also from Kitchener!

Email me?

not really ive only had trouble once

eh. too far. also i've met 1 person on Cred Forums and they were weird.
do you go to the UofG?

Any London girls


You actually can't comprehend how jealous I am of you living in Vancouver

I got so lucky, definitely wouldn't be here if I wasn't born here. Expensive as fuck.


hello all 204s

anyone want to refill my peggo card?

Vancouver is full of chinks

Yeah but I get along with them

Parents bought a house when market wasn't fucked I take it? I was born in Toronto yet I really don't like it

Thanks user. I don't mind Asians lol. Are they tourists or do they live there? Doesn't matter either way. Just want to be prepared of tourist asians jamming up my personal space so they can get pics.


Same brother

902 bb

Brittany R, anyone know her?

Because you are a weeb

Guelph ontario

Nope. But lets see moar!



>no health care
>third world infrastructure

US is a shithole

such a babe.

Anyone know her

That's catherine dunheart


She is! Any noods?!

That's Emily Dunsworth


Jane McGee?

Who knows her

anyone know this girl ?

greasy greasy


Wilma Robinson

no nudes sadly, shes a sweet girl... just crave the satisfaction of having her recognized.

Alex Poodledivider?

780 anyone know this girl

Sarah Reinheardt



Am I doing it right?

Shelly Wilkinson

Wait hold the phone, does she have a twin brother?

Ashley Bobbitson


I'd slowly remove my genitals with a cheese grater just to taste one drop of her pussy juice

That's Emily Dunsworth

This is Emily Dunsworth

604 coquitlam

Saint John ayyyyyyyyyyyy

True but its also spread to abbotsford and delta. If you go to surrey most places are safe except whalley

Enjoying the shitty weather hbu

You know that particular line has been changed at least 3 other times already? It really doesn't matter.

Anyone got any Richmond Hill, aurora, Newmarket, Barrie girls?

we actually have more blacks per capita in canada but they are all in toronto, montreal and halifax i think

Any Ottawa/Gatineau fags here?




613 ottawa

yeah, me

Any native bros? 780 north Ab

I live in the Glebe.
>Meet me at the 7-11 at 8:30

whats up .add me on kik ottawaeastguy

Holy Fuck who's this

Stupid amerifag no 7 eleven in ottawa


People way too fucking friendly.

>walk on the sidewalk with earbuds and my fuck off face on
>ear to ear smile
>"Good morning"
>*fuck* "m-mornin"

Every fucking time.

Kate C from oakville! looking thick. anyone know her?


Any chick or hot trap or hermaphradite in belleville area want to have a quickie... no strings attached

Grew up in 204, still go back a lot. own a farm and a house.

Livin large in 780 now for the last 12 years or so.

Cree north Ontario reporting in

905 oshawa nudes will trade on kik


girls 19-20 years ish

It's not for everyone


204 couple
Why does tinder blow in this city

Same here b, 807. Where you at?

Wanna make a bet?

are craigslist ads for "meetups" safe somewhere like Winnipeg?

Anna A. 416




Like most places, not really reliable that the product is as advertised.

toronto fag reporting in
this city is over run with pajeets and niggers trying to score "snowbunnies"

Are the classified sites for couples in Canada that might work in a medium sized city like winnipeg?
Literally moved here a week ago


Some whore pretending to be her

left Niagara area (welland) 15+ years ago

so dead, but inexplicably houses are insanely expensive there now 90 mins from TO

Move back, Manitoba is the most hillbilly behind the times province in Canada (yes worse than sask) our premier won’t even let us grow our own weed when it’s legal, even though every other province and the feds have ok’d it. The weather sucks, pill heads and tweakers everywhere, price of cigs/alcohol ridiculous. Manitoba sucks.


too late....

306 checking in
hate being late for a canada thread eh!

Lakota sioux sask reporting for booty

saskatchewan here
my wife is cree and im a russian close enough?


Enjoy your fentanyl dingus

Calgary here

Indians are the second shitty humans on this planet next Australian abbos. What's wrong with you fucking chugs?

Hahaha I don't believe that for a second. So many chinks and sand niggers in Calgary. Whites might be %50 if we're lucky.

No one's ever near or in the 807

Not just Calgary friend, I’ve noticed quite a few towns are a bit browner than they were a couple years ago. Thanks Trudeau! You fucking goof



Ok let’s talk about Trudeau, hey did you know he gave 10mil of taxpayers dollars to a convicted terrorist and murderer?

I'm sure it's fine

Any 867?


Holy fuck more of her


is a


not in the gay way

He’s probably already in jail, he posted where he was meeting guy so you know someone called the cops.

Yup, at least Trump has the sense to kick the brown out. Trudeau opened the floodgates and now look where we are.

Whatever he does I'm sure was in the interest of Canadians



i just hope they dont bannnn semiautos here

Canada would be so much better if it wasn't for the thilfthy Bush Indians stinking the place up

306 here, anyone in Meadow Lake wanna meet up at Milltown tonight? Just found out my ma passed away and feels like im gonna lose it. Closest family is in the next province over all my old friends got the fuck out of this dump years ago.


i feels for ya
hang in there

514 reporting in.

Lol vancouver is way better for skiing. Dank mountains literally 20 mins from central downtown. Mtl has no mountains

Post Oakville and Mississauga!

Why Canadians so much mean :(

where isn't?