Can we please have a virgen v chad ylyl...

Can we please have a virgen v chad ylyl? Its my favorite meme from this god forsaken site and it would make my day if we had a bread for it

bump for this

Thanks user






idk i just saved it

Don't call it ylyl. Just call it chad virgin because this is the ylyl now. expect banana





Hol up

and logs

What's with the romanian flag?


aren't people forced to vote in Belgium tho?

You know, there is a country called Chad which has almost the same flag as Romania.

Oh that's cool. Now I can make fun of my virgin hungarian friend.

from the wiki:
In 2004 there were unconfirmed media reports that Chad had called on theUnited Nationsto look into the issue, prompting then-Romanian presidentIon Iliescuto make a public statement that his country would not give up the flag.BBC Newsquoted Iliescu as stating that "The tricolour belongs to us. We will not give up the tricolour."

someone make this a meme



>never takes his eye off the niger

looks like The Chad Republic is busy sucky Cameroon's big (_))====D