Punched a hole to the wall. now my hand is starting to swell up and it really fukn hurts. am i going to be ok?

punched a hole to the wall. now my hand is starting to swell up and it really fukn hurts. am i going to be ok?

Very impressive. You truly accomplished a great feat of strength this day. And the cherry on top is coming here, to /b, where everyone can laud your achievements.

Go back to your fucking cave you neanderthal.

fuck off, Wyatt

How the fuck did you hurt your pinky finger?

You probably have aids now

i broke my hand many times while hitting hard things , didnt need medics

Yeah I do it all the time if you can move your fingers your fine

i was just wasted on alcohol and weed and dont even remember doing it. just woke up with a hole staring at my face.

Grow a set of balls. I’ve give myself boxer fractions in my hands several times off drunk fighting and never seeked med treatment. After one time it was that bad I couldn’t defend myself and the guy I was fighting the previous night jumped me with his brother and I took a serious kicking.

Man up, you punched a wall deal with the consequences for being a drunk tard

No you are not going to be alright.

You are a retard who punches walls. Nothing alright about it. Coming and telling Cred Forums like you did something cool makes it even worse.

In this thread: men with no self control.

that is act of control to hit wall instead of someones head

You're an idiot, and not even for punching the wall.

this 100 times

it's an act of control to just not punch and break things because you are mad you mongoloid

No, you're going to die of a heart attack, lose some weight.

You should be more careful with your hands, you need that shit

No, you punched a wall like a moron. You're not going to be ok.

tell that to a horny elephant or shark

time stamp or didn't happen

you punch wrong, you're an idiot

You broke a bone (likely two) in your hand. If you leave it your hand will be fucked for life. Hopefully you learned something in all of this.

> just hand no longer works correctly
> illbfine

looks like your losing circulation.
may have to lose that hand.
Maybe ur cock too.

THIS you retards

Literally the gayest shit I've seen on Cred Forums.
On the path to manhood every aspiring man punches a wall.
Are you a homosexual?

just the middle finger healed wrong and wasnt working right but my solution was brekaing it again , this time everything was fine

a real man


No, because you were stupid enough to punch a wall.



mum i punthed a wall. um i gong to beh ok?

Why in the fuck is your wound there? Even if we where primal enough where chimping out and punching something was considered manly or an achievement or something, you would be the bottom of the goddamned barrel what the fuck what kind of punch do you throw I bet you tuck your thumb in when you make a fist holy shit

Probably not, no. The problem is you don't know how to throw a punch. Do you see how the mark is in between your pinky and ring finger? That means your wrist was bent when you punched. When you hit the first point of contact should be on your middle knuckle and your wrist should be straight. There are a bunch of fragile bones in your hand and down to your wrist that could have been damaged. Look up "boxers fracture", that would be my best guess.

>punched a hole to the wall.
Aim between the wall studs next time

Do you want to have a capacity to reason on par with an elephant or shark?

Why the fuck do you have a bruise on the right side? You retard, you don't even know how to form a fist correctly while punching something. Sad!

Your hand will be fine OP but you yourself will be far from it, no pathetic manchild that takes his autistic tantrums out on drywall is ever going to amount to anything resembling success, y ou absolute basement-dwelling woeful troglodyte

>hasn't punched a solid wall before
Are you gay? Not that there's anything right with it, it's just that every straight dude I know has at least punched a door or something in his early 20s.

Are you just a pussy

Big fat hand like that should go right through a door. I don't know how many doors I've put fists and feet through

try moving your pinky.
looks much like when i broke my middle hand bone

Get yourself one of those and always remember to keep your thumb out of the fist user.

Yes, you'll be fine. Drywall is just cardboard and paper with more strengh (less strength than knuckles). Put an iced towel or cold pack on your hand to reduce the swelling for no more than 20 minutes.

Punched a classmate in his face once, had the exact same thing happen. Turns out I fractured my knuckle.

Oh shit my bad thug. I thought your hand was swollen but you are just fat. anyway go to the doctor because your knuckles have been taken to uganda me bruda

i do that all the time knuckle conditioning, just wait for it to heal, try to limit movement and get enough sleep. Its gonna swell alright tho. Also if most of tge impact landed on ur pinky finger knuckle u could got a boxer's fracture, that i would check out

that's hand cancer. it happens when a dude with pussy paws tries to use violence. we all know that was a plaster wall. it breaks if you lean on it. it wasn't hard wood, or concrete. fucking sissy.

I punch regulary walls and things since 14, I'm 22 now and my hand it's fucked up too

oh my shit, you're fucked

its terminal

Ya it's called a boxers fracture... you don't know how to punch correctly....walls don't hit back...