My name is ben and I posted nudes of my ex online without her permission

my name is ben and I posted nudes of my ex online without her permission

That's gangster af g

Post em again fam.

I ruined her life and i don't care

Yeah but show us OP

Mel just leave Ben alone already

Thanks, Ben. You're doing God's work.

Post nudes idiot

Tits or gtfo u chinky slut

Cool help me get Matt Champion's nudes then

Visit any Asian girl thread. She's always in them.

NYPA, now fuck off

and this is posted by yours truly - m'ladies man the white knight

There are none right now

I'd help you out, but I don't save pics that have dicks in them, and hers do.

I just hate all women and dont respect them

What is this suppose to mean?

you sound like a pretty cool guy ben

Help us out

Never trust a man in red trousers.

You can post nudes of your ex in... neverland.


not sure what this means

lol nice dick ben

Why would he need permission when their his pics?



It’s “they’re” (=they are), dumbfuck.


You sound like they type of guy id buy a beer at the bar.
Fuck women and the ugly chink deserved to get leaked for being a whore

he looks a bit like a kike so I guess he also hates any other goyim. Probably you aren't jewish so pay the toll or something?

which is why I brought attention to it

How exactly did he ruin your life?

It's isn't 1950 anymore. Who cares that people have seen you nude or having sex?

You're not disgusting. You're not doing anything completely depraved or twisted.


So has almost literally every heterosexual woman and homosexual man. Literally billions of people.

This does nothing to tarnish your reputation or shame you.

Pointless outrage is pointless.

She didn't want people to see her nude it's basically rape

So if she's changing clothes behind the curtains at your house, you pull the curtains back... you're a rapist?