Ask a psychology major anything

ask a psychology major anything

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is jordan peterson your spirit animal

Stratagems for dealing with somebody with narcissistic traits?
>inb4 don't
I know this is a terrible idea, know what I'm getting into, and have exit strategies. She is self-aware and basically amenable to change so therefore as good a prospect as you're likely to get for rehabilitation. Not yet willing to see a professional, though, which is obviously a longterm goal.

What's your favorite shampoo ?

I have an employee with narcissistic traits so I'd like an answer to this one too. I'd tell him to pack his bags and take his autism with him except he's one of my best guys. Any fellow managerfags here probably know this dilemma well.

is your psychology stronger than the great guru s?
whats the deal with people posting their shitty soundclouds op?

Why'd you pick that shit over a real subject like chemistry.

How do I beat Oceiros in Dark Souls 3. I'm kinda stuck atm.

Has the psychology field been infiltrated by scum Marxist?

Why do you fucking people see commies everywhere?

why do 9 out of 10 leading psychologists admit they are women?

why does my husband take his anger out by hitting me? please tell me there is a pill for this. the doctors say no, but there must be!


so what was the reason or motivation that got you interested in psychology?

They’re all in the medical field and shithole countries. Americans don’t fear scum, we destroy their ideology.

You should fear us, bourgeois filth. Your day will come.

LOL noob alert. Communist can’t come up with anything new....pretty easy to manipulate and destroy.

how can I get help!?! you asshats are so expensive!!! where can I go!?


I don't need to ask you anything. Your major is shit and you won't be able to get a job right out of school, unless you intend to apply for post-grad, thus wasting even more of your money. Your future profession is only around in today's society because new-age parents refuse to discipline and take responsibility for their own kids.

Is homosexuality mental illness? (I'm a gay dude)

How to deal with lockeroom's syndrom?