Hello, tell me I'm ugly? What to do? What nationality do I look like?

Hello, tell me I'm ugly? What to do? What nationality do I look like?

Like the whole of Europe in 20 years.

You love?

Yes, you are ugly:

- nose is a big problem
- very unintelligent eyes
- mouth

You look like a middle eastern, who is about to go to germany, cash in welfare, rape the women and call the germans "nazis"

Almost a Unibrow, Keep it going and dont try to blow up some people


don't understand your first two questions.


The gelatine in explosives is sometimes made from pig-bones. So when he blows himself up up, he mixes his molecules with pig molecules


He is allready a pig, so no worry’s

Romanian Bran Stark

You’re kinda cute. With the right style and personality you’ll do well. Remember, imperfections are most noticeable in pictures anyway.

You faking nazi

What do you mean with "why?"??
Maybe because of the shit face of his parents??

Or maybe because mudslimes marry their relatives and are a result of constant in-breeding?


What is a "faking nazi"??

So in my family there are no closely related links.

you look dull in your eyes. like you don't have good features either, but that can be overcome with having a good personality. but as i said, you just seem dull and not so smart. like people might not want to talk to you because you seem like you might act like an idiot over a trivial topic. no offense. but that's what you gotta sort out if you want to become more approachable.

Arab family:
1 man
4 wifes
20 children
5 goats
25 paychecks from a EU goverment

In this photo I was depressed

Europe owes us

Romania gypsy


You got the point about his eyes perfectly statet - only smart enough to either shout "ficke ficke" or "allahu akbar".