Mom thread

Mom thread

>Mom's age
>Relationship status

I'll start


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dat udder do

I would appreciate more pictures of this MILF specimen OP

Nice tits dude also more of her.

Only one I have right now

I'll make another thread this weekend when I'm visiting again


>> 47
>> Divorced

Coolest thread ever!


Kek this picture is older than dirt. You tried, though.


More Now


Sure thing, OP.

more down blouse now!!!!!


More of her

You're not forever alone OP

30 divorced

I'd drink milk out them tiddies

you like her?

>Mother is 47
>OP is clearly a kid
Fuck off.

No. Looks like a dumpster fire and a pizza box had a lovechild.

how old are you?

i have mmy moms nudes but im not posting that shit

She's fucking sexy


49, divorced but now has a bf


OP could be 18 if she had him at 29. Having kids at a younger age than 29 is also not unreasonable.

Not everyone has a granny instead of a mom
Mine is 45 and I'm an adult


i used to be a creep and take candids of her feet/legs when i was still living at home so enjoy some of those glory days

me 2

32, divorced but now in heaven

If that pic is actually your mom and you can prove it, I'll start jackin' it right now

Russian Milf age 46, divorced, daughter 22, we have been dating for 6 months now... no nudes yet... :-(

Dude post the nudes.

Loads up's face scanning app aka

mom 63

i dont have any nudes

Damm son

omg more of her feet

glad someone likes them

last pic

how could you not? so sexy. keep goin

I dunno dude, would you fuck your mom?

There was some advantages of me living with my mum but i had to move out eventually

More toes

yes i would


>OP could be 18
>Cred Forums started in 2003
>Thinking OP isn't a fucking kid
Hah. Good one.

Something about mother-son incest has always made me incredibly horny. Something about the care she gave you when you were younger, and growing to pleasure her in the same way she created you, connecting in the literal place where you came from borders on poetry.

ever try and sneak on her while she was sleeping?


Tell me what you'd do with her if she was open to anything.

just sniffing is as far as i managed

OP is an obsessive milf porn collector who is fixated on qualifying the women as mothers. He's in his 50-60's.

oh damn. She is perfect for me. I am 46. I would have dinner, icecream, wine, hotelroom, shower, kissing, licking, sex, hardsex, fucking, and great orgasm with her.

Face fuck her and cum on her toes


prolly an amazing smell. also nice creeps, better than most amateur stuff

Wouldn't you want her to ride you and and get intimately familiar with your origins?

Yeah, he's know around these parts as The Autist. No prizes for guessing why.


Sexe_elke on instagram
Hot slutty mom


50, 2 daughters, married.

I use to creep on her.


think you need to get out and talk to some real people




this thread is making me uncomfortable. never knew there was actually a group of people who are sexually attracted to their own mothers... mental illness



I am from central europe.
post more, my dick will spit on her.


2 months of lurking before posting, dumb reddit fag

I'm atracted to other people's moms, not mine.
Just came to watch

too young

>shower with her with my dick in her
Fuuuuck yeah. If she asked for it, would you cum in her pussy, even knowing she gave birth to you?

Reddit has better porn than this trash.

this is Cred Forums. what'd you expect?

Maybe not 60 year olds pretending to be 20

fuck man, you sound desperately lonely. have you considered joining a local community group?

Because you were molested

I just like milfs

>mfw youre under 18
>enjoy your ban, user!

Who are older or younger than you?


what horrible thing happened to you that's made you detest women unless they're visibly aged?

>Legendary balloon sword technique


No but seriously, why does the prospect of a woman being 30 and childless bend you so far out of shape? Who hurt you?



Hottest milf of all time

WWYD to my wife?

I'd pay her the extra 70 for a table shower and blow job


Whose this. More? Topless?


She cooks a mean stir fry my mom

just a hot milf from my suburb

>Mom thread

>>Mom's age
>>Relationship status

>literally a thread for anons to post their moms ages
>learn to fucking read you fucking autistic faggot
>user said his mom is 30, so id highly doubt that user is fucking 18
>you fucking autistic fag


>Cred Forums talking about faggot op rules
found the autistic cunt

ur mum is hot

Tell us why you're in a mom thread fantasizing about fucking your mother. Who you molested you. Greentext please

put her on a diet

>itt social leprosy

Lying fag

>your mom molested my dick with her mouth


Take her to the gym

damn I want to do everything with this woman FUCK she's gorgeous any nude?


No but really, you can laugh it off, but what happened to you?


any cleavage or ass shots then? damn


dumping your old man's porn folder mate?

let trump deport her

u know it!


thought it looked pretty stale. don't have any porn of your own?

Moar feet

I swear that's on pike's peak on the way up a water resiovor


How would you make love to her user?



most perfect milf i've ever seen

i'd take her out, then bring her back to her place. Give her a little affection, light kissing, touching.

slide my hands up the back of her legs, resting on her ass a minute as I pull her closer, slowly sliding one hand around to start fingering that fortune cookie (we all know she wouldn't be wearing any panties under that dress)

raise my other hand up on her tits play with those for a bit, then work that hand up to her head, and grab a handful of hair, as I shove her down to my cock and gag her with with it. I wouldn't take off her dress, because after I cum in her mouth I want to throw her down and rip that dress open. then be as rough as I want with her face down fucking her senseless.

id make her ride my cock while shes eating a hamburger


if my mom was this hot, I'd be trying to see her naked and trying to get her to fuck me every night

I would eat that milf ass...nice!

your mom is a fake sarah Highland look alike?

>note to self get a life

please more of her ass or cleavaged tits please?


well i do have this one GLORIOUS (emphasis on the glory of it) folder i could share. heres a preview image


yes plZ

yeah real fresh

didn't hear your response.

probably would sound like the 40 year old virgin who thinks breasts feel like bags of sand.

you just sound like a guy who spends his entire day crying

...bag of sand?

moar logs

>thread is now andy sixx


Found her nudes in some of my dads old shit.
Anyone want to see her pussy?


James what the fuck..

here you go user, enjoy (:

60, divorced, dating a lot now


I like her



so you're new here?

47, divorced




me too

Your mom knows that you have this pictures??

Sorry to hear that. Not going to be easy for her to find another man at her age. She'll be looking at 55 year olds who can't get it up. Any pics of the woman she got dumped for?


This bitch makes my stomach turn. Please delete.

that would be no

more of her. lawwwwwd

she been dating younger guys , black too.. here is her replacement

Haven't you punished us enough with this vermin?

8 ball center pocket

It's not his mother you stupid cunt


cool story, but no.

fuck off asswipe




thread is now traps

How old are this pictures??



Years. Marcy is a virus that attacks milf threads

oh shit how'd you find out who i am?





Underrated post

no its a pic of some indian bitch who hung herself saw it before

She really is one of the most repulsive females I've ever laid eyes on

yeah we got the joke retard

Go on


41 divorced 1 have bf

the tendies user?

i see she didn't ALWAYS have hearts tattooed onto her nipples.

assless, classless, deaf and dumb.

thanks user.

That poor horse. He will never feel clean.

Who else is pumped that Justin and Selina are back together?

i know, she is so pretty

Justin is pretty too


She is awesome

it's like a fairytale

I like her better as a brunette


Is this thread still about mothers?

Marcy killed it

thread is now selena

Selena is the antidote to seeing Marcy. She is like a refreshing breath mint after a bite of rotten fruit

thats blonde you asshole

Go on, heels, tits

More pics

no kidding. i like her better this way

Pic related, it's her

I love fresh faces


fuck off and let me indulge my oedipus complex okay

fuck i have serious problems


I love divine!

Let me help you with that...

lowkey is cute

I’d literally give you a new brother or sister. I would cum in here and leave her with the baby.

Das fehlte noch.

Fucking get some man.

I feel like i can smell this picture.

I’m just here to see milfs.


Dude I want to fuck your mom so bad! Leg hair getting all sticky over here.

alright, Dave?

Address me as Sarah you imbecile!

>Mother is 47
>OP is clearly a kid
found the Math "F"-student

watch the movie you'll understand


what a comeback

here I'll top it "NO YOU" LMAO faggot

Why is she in T-Pose?

she achieved her weight loss goal

40 Divorced

i posted the link to my folder of images
if you want to go check em out. If you have images not in there send them my way!

it's not a mental illness. It's a weird stigma that most males get. They're attracted to their mothers and therefore want to find partners that best resemble their moms. Some just don't lose that lust for their mom


40 and divorced

>pics that should not be in hd
fucking train wreck

So why do stunning younger women trigger your rage, user? Who hurt you?

lurk moar, faggot

>found the psycho

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Girl on right is 10/10. Who? More?

Gross she’s not even your own mother. :/


is she as pretty as your mommy?