Ed thread

Ed thread.

y arent u bi yet?????????????

This Post Was Brought To You By Israel™

lol wut?


sup qt?




gahhh he drives me CRAZY

what I wouldn't give to be Winry



traps aint gay

Ed is love. Ed is life.

traps themselves or being attracted to traps

traps are men, if you're a man and you like traps, then it is gay (but you can be bisexual)

if you're a trap but only attracted to women, then I guess it's straight (traps are usually bisexual though)


best Ed


I mean, I don't dislike him. He's welcome to the party I suppose. But this Ed is mine, and mine only (sorry Winry).

its a meme bro

traps aint men

they literally are though

they literally aint

are you talking about trans, or "feminine" guys that are dressed up as women?

in any case they're both gay because of the penis, but the non-trans especially

they're literally just twinks (men) wearing different clothes

chromosomes make a man, not a penis

and? penises (almost in every case aside from genetic mutations/disorders) correlate with a set of chromosomes

>a penis doesn't make a man
what kool-aid have you been drinking? kek


The most boring anime show ever made, with a crippled angry dwarf main character. Go on faggots, keep on jerking your clitoris to this.

The movie was something else

Ed Elric is white. I didn't bother seeing it.