Hey, um, my mom just kicked me out of the house and I have no where to go...

Hey, um, my mom just kicked me out of the house and I have no where to go, I honestly don't expect any sound advice or anything but if you have any advice that'd help alot. I can't really afford a home or anything cuz im only 16 but I guess im asking what my first move should be

Try to visit a social worker near you, they could probably set you up with a job and some cheap housing

Also underage xdd

that's illegal you dumb shit call CPS


>only 16




>option A join circus
>option B become trap
>option C live in their attic till you can get job and buy a house

good luck user, may Jesus guide you

Yeah I cant say Im suprised the first thing people wanna do is ban me but I think that the only other place if i dont get help is death

Depends on what city youre in they should have helplines and what not for young adults aged 16-21
Try looking for a shelter and there they should have resources. Don't be afraid to ask these places should help you get back on your feet

If you're in a shit small town then good luck op

you need to find out if it's male or female first. females are allowed to post newfag

>Kicked out from house by mom
That's obviously a man user

did you just assume his gender and call an underage b& a "man" ?

i'm not a newfag
been here since 2014
an oldfag,that's what

Obvious bait is obvious. 2014 oldfag. Kek youll hook a couple

2014 is not oldfag


Not OP but nice dubs.

But what is considered an oldfag here nowadays? My earliest memory of Cred Forums and Cred Forums in general is from 2008 or so.

Does that make me an oldfag?

What if I told you I'm 26 now?
Meaning I would have been underage back then. There's a chance OP is really a bro in trouble.

Now to OP:
You're 16. Go literally anywhere and cry that you were thrown out of home.
Trust me. People will help you kill her.

31 years old
mostly a normie with a house job and life, but I make time to shitpost daily