Sup Cred Forumsros

Sup Cred Forumsros
Basically I'm going to take care of my neighbors daughter every day for at least 6 hrs
And I'm way too scared of trying something with this beautiful loli
Any tips on relaxing
Should I fap till I dry before watching her or not?
Should I quit Cred Forums while this lasts trying to avoid loli threads?

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Fap before, and quit Cred Forums while you still can, to rescue your sanity back

you're doomed

>quit Cred Forums
this is are here forever

בגאות רשע ידלק עני יתפשו| במזמות זו חשבו

Send pics

One way to get your mind out of the dick is to try and meditate. It helps to relax and it liberates high quantities of dopamine. Quitting Cred Forums might also help but dont forget to come back when the shift is done.

I'm trying to quit Cred Forums for like 4yrs with no success
But I'm going to try harder now

sorry i don’t speak gas chamber


I would call the police if i knew who was posting this. Save a child from being touched by this piece shit

Thats swedish you fucking inbred

wtf. he might be kind, and caring, and loving and the best lay this little girl gets.

>they have to learn about sex sometime.

I'm assuming your sub-18? This is your one chance to consummate your relationship with a beautiful loli. Take it from a 20-something oldfag who was once in your position, there will never be another opportunity to be this close to the person of your deepest desires

Found the faggot.

keep in mind: she isn't a loli,she is 3DPD

Fuck off OP, literally, fuck off a cliff.

Nah I'm on my 20s already
And I also had a few chances but never something like this
6 hrs alone... This will be hard as fuck

You pedo retards make me sick

how old is she?

think about the widest your asshole has ever been stretched then double that

that's what you'd be risking

btw,how the fuck does someone trust a 20something guy to take care of a little girl?

before you do anything "questionable"

get gold dollar coins
1 coin if you ask her to do it again.
2 if she asks you to do it.

also teach her how to do laundry or something else that would warrant coin payment.
for probable deniability, and an excuse for her to have the coins when she goes home.

8 but looks like 11 and talks like a 5yrs old

some people still have some faith in humanity? Or this neighbor has known OP for a really long time and OP has done a really good job of hiding his degeneracy

probably a relative or close friend

she "baby talks"?
someone got to her first and she's already a whore.

high-trust societies were actually the norm once

Also he might not be living in a country full of insane fucks, so there's still som trust left in the neighborhood


where do you think you are?

>comes to the asshole of the internet, knowing it's the asshole of the internet, to declare it's the asshole of the internet.

Not going to lie, just fuck her and get it over with.

If you get caught, screw it, you did something 0.01% of people get to do and will never have the chance to do it again. Also, you can just kill yourself as I'm sure you will do anyways in the future. If you don't get caught however you will live the rest of your life feeling amazing.

This Me and my mom helped her a lot when she got divorced
But now I'm living alone

I want the photos you mother fucker...


Id recomend to leave Cred Forums, also you could read some shit about child abuse so you can understand how bad it feels, dont fucking rape her and if you do make sure to carri a suicide method with you for the rest of your life, cause if you go to jail for child rape you are gonna get gang raped and tortured to death

anyone got babysitting stories?

Maybe just stick to kissing?

Don't do anything sexual op. Specially something that involves your cum going in any part of her cute little body.
Me and my girlfriend once took care of my neighbors loli daughters (4, the other was 10) myself for a couple hours. My girlfriend had to bail because she took her mom to work. I made them breakfast and they watched cartoons. It was kind of a cold day out, but the heater in the house was on. I eventually convinced them both to just chill in their panties and those long shirts that look like dresses on them. Most I did was pat them on the head, hugged them a lot and made them sit on my lap. Eventually I sat them both next to me and made them lay down on my lap. I made them move and caressed their little legs and backs. I came all over in my underwear but luckily nothing got outside of it and they didn't feel my dick. Harmless. I got off and no proof was left behind because my girlfriend and I still sometimes babysit them.
Just make her sit on your lap and grind on you (but be lowkey about it). NOTHING that involves your cum going anywhere near her though.

I was gonna guess Klingon

yeah, fap till dry seems like a good idea. But not looking at lolies. Try nutting to adult women. (if you can).

Why would I want my sanity back ? All it does is bring misery.

If you're 10000% sure there are no cams and you will have at least a solid 30 minutes of no interruptions then you can play peek a boo and convince her to go blindfold so she can suck your dick (offer a blindfold candy or something), but I would still not recommend this. Any part of your dick that goes near her can be found as evidence. So do not cum, in, on or near her unless you can clean her after, but NO penetration. Depending on her age, she will not remember.
Your best option is to just make her sit on your lap (wear loose fitting clothes) while in her undies and move her around, then get yourself off in the bathroom. But that's it

roofie her and stick it up the butt
tell parents she fell asleep so you let her nap

Newfag here. I am attracted to normal girls but a part of me also likes lolis. Ever since I was 10 I liked younger girls. And I didn't even know what lolis were even after I found out I'm a disgrace. Why are we attracted to lolis and how do I make it stop?

Imagine cumming inside her and getting her pregnant though. Her first and only man. It might take some time but she'd be yours forever.

What if they find the cum?

She's old enough to talk, dont do it.

She'd leave you in her mid-late twenties. You'll understand when you're older.

use a condom

OP here
I'm going to try my best and pass through this without touching her
Buuut this sounds really good

So much this.
If she can speak a few words but they don't make sense or sound like rambling, you're good. If she can describe you being scary or weird don't even try it.

Grab a gun. Load the gun. Put the in your moth pointed at the roof of your mouth. Pull the trigger.

>Put the in your moth

Just make her sit on your lap in her undies. Hug her a lot. Harmless, and you get to caress her little legs. No damage done.Then jerk off in the bathroom. If you go in without ANY plan, chances are you'll do worse. So just tickle her or something OP. Something hot, but not out of bounds.

There still are. But sadly we are being thought of as degenerates and lesser beings by the citizens of USA.

not his moth! its completely innocent

You gotta quit with the loli shit if you want to stay sane. Think of her as what she is: a kid. I'm sure you're not attracted to kids, but to stuff like the pic you posted. Separate that from reality. Cartoons aren't real.

I bet you're a morally righteous foot fag

Why ? WHY ?
Read a fucking biology book and learn the truth about our nature. For hundreds of thousands of years, people died at ages like 30s, 40s TOPS. Because the environment was so hostile that they were developing diseases, and died quickly. Our bodies basically adapted and we became sexually active at ages of 16 or so. For most of human history, a gene evolved in us to make us seek out younger women. They were the ones that could reproduce and had a higher chance of passing on the genes. It is COMPLETELY natural for guys to be attracted to younger women. As soon as they get those shapes, you bet they are ready. What's INTERESTING is the attraction to lolies. But not inexplicable . It's basically the same drive that gets you heated up for younger women. In some, it's acting up more than the one that is selective of the shape. How to make it stop ? Just get in touch with your natural desires to fuck. Seek women with big boobs, and juicy asses. THEY are meant to be fucked. Lolies are cute, but they are not a real replacement in bed. They can't even understand (95% of them) what sex is supposed to be or how to enjoy it. (No, I didn't get this knowledge from experience). So, as much of a pedo as some want to be, it's very hard (kek) because their bodies are way worse when it comes to sex. It doesn't fit. It's a tragic state of affairs, and best let it be sorted by nature itself. So, just..let it go. Cuz real lolies are not like what you see in hentai, sadly.

pro tip
turn out the lights and get your cell camera out. Look around for green/purple lights that appear on the camera but not irl.

If you find it, you've identified a night vision camera. If you can't find one, you've identified the lighting is too dark to see anything if it wasn't infrared and you're good.

There used to be this software I had on a pc build years ago that would look for camera lenses in pictures.

degenerate thread

6 hours with no interruptions? I'd say fap in the bathroom whenever you get "the urge" and stay off 4plebs.

So basically everyone is a pedo but not all will admit it?


Don't touch her. She's just a kid. Learn to control yourself.

care to share a story of the most memorable time you did this? would you hotdog their ass? spare no details user

Start masturbating anally immediately, because you asshole needs to be nice and loose to not get perma hemorrhoids when you get assfucked on a daily basis for 10 years for raping a child.

You fool... Once you join Cred Forums, there's no leaving...

I don't normally post on Cred Forums but I'm disturbed by the possibility that your story is true.

don't fuck the loli user. It leaves scars that will never heal, and you would be responsible. Just take care of her and try to purge your mind of degeneracy in the long term.

Of course. Show a picture of a naked juicy plump 16 year old to a guy. You bet your fucking mom he will wanna bang the fuck out of her. That's why the term "jailbait" is so fucking keky. Truth be told, these legislations are still trying to protect emotional abuse, by setting the age limit to 18, to protect those insecure frightened girls. And that's fine, but in reality, everyone wants to fuck them.

Storytiem on Cred Forums and fabricate a wholesome story that will be remembered for decades to come.

Better make your motives known from the beginning. You don't wanna get friend zoned by a little girl

I think he's saying that people need to separate their mental drive from their physical drive. Sometimes the body wants what our ancestors bodies wanted many thousands of years ago. We're much better at thinking today, and we can deny those old left over urges in favor of our civilized ways.


yes,but OP is talking about a child,a girl under 10
not some 16yo hottie

OP here
Yeah user that's what I'm thinking
And also I'm trying to leave Cred Forums now and delete all my cheese and loli stuff
Cya anons
Thx for all the advices
That's why I love this place

Consider finding out about addictions and how to overcome them. I won’t shame you for your desires, as most people would, however please know that there is a lot more to live for than a commit your life to a life of share and regret due to a crime.

I did not say we should.
We should definitely NOT in some cases. Like if the hot 16 year old wants to bang, you will be missing out. I am not advocating for blindly following the law, when it harms no one. It's not reasonable to miss out on such an occasion if the girl wants it. The legislation is there to protect little kids from MENTAL scars, when they are not ready. They are there to make it so that you won't shove your dick in them when they are not sure about it, and fucking them up mentally. But some develop differently than others, and if she WANTS your dick, it's a sin not to give it.

upload your loli to us first for safekeeping

That's just mental illness then. The desire to mate with undeveloped females is not a natural thing.

Great place to start

Op, when I was growing up I had a cousin, she and my younger brother always played together.
I did thing with her that were sexually questionable, but nothing explicit.
She grew up to be a transexual, and she is miserable now.

If this girl's family is close to your family, that means you're going to see her as she grows up.
Don't make my mistake OP, I was too young and horny to know any better and I STILL feel terrible.

Well dude, I'm confused about all the anwsers.

I personnaly would fap in the toilets whenever the urge comes, so it prevents me from anything ... I wouldnt delete any loli stuff

do a story time afterwards you cuck

Any of you got loli stories?
Tell 'em

I did a lot of babysitting in my time and most I'd do was wear loose fitting shorts or baggy pants and make little girls sit on my lap and grind me. Then I'd hug them a lot and play tickle them. Then I'd jerk off in the bathroom and actually watch cartoons or play with them

what did you do to her? details pls

Yes it is a natural thing, for crying out loud. It evolved in us for generations.
as I explained here You want another reason as to why ? Because it's not the desire to MATE. It's the desire to fuck. And that's different.

Yes, I realize. Very very very few girls age 10 are ready for the d. I highly doubt OP will pick one that will not be mentally scarred if he shoves his dick in her. So yes, he should back the fuck up if he has some empathy.