Newest celeb thread

Newest celeb thread
Rev up those Cred Forumsfus

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Why do I want to be her so bad Cred Forumsros

Horny user is horny

Hey boys!

>Cred Forumstant
>accidentally go to Cred Forums
>this is the first thing I see

Best celeb


She’s a goddess

What if you died and someone found all of that gay porn saved on your computer? Is it really worth saving gay porn on your HD just to spam this shit?

On /cel/, Claire is for lewds


You know what they say about “assume”

>rev up those Cred Forums
>cause i'm ready for some momsens

Even besides that a) I’d be dead and b) it’s not 1830

Either way you still have to look at gay porn a lot more than the average person. You sure it isn't turning you gay?

Not so much



Need Ryry in my bed lads

Does she count as a Cred Forumsfu?


you really should think before you type



sup bb?

would snort coke off soles

So if you're gay then why were you ever in these threads to begin with?

You can't fool me
Not so much I guess, but she's very welcome.





are we just doing musician waifus today?


she'd be hot if she stopped avoiding showers


>implying these aren’t the gayest threads on Cred Forums

Fuck. You.



fucking hell user.. prime furtado was really something

If you're feeling it

Nice to see another Tayfriend



Serious breh



I come here before I fap to figure out who I want to fantasize about. How is wanting to and fantasizing about fucking a woman gay?

Nothing. What about you hon?

Oh fuck, you're back


Let's fix that then

my dude.

when she had long hair, that's where it was at. Fucking goddess

Yeah, she's a bit too mainstream pop to be Cred Forumsfu, you right.

tfw your a musician
tfw not known for making good music, just having a pretty face

she doesnt like us wanking and thinking of her though

Hi respond-to-everybodyanon

those panties get me all excited

I liked her short hair, but yeah her long hair was her best look. Really suited her.

Can you post her soles so I can finally cum?


>those are not panties..

I already came tho
Seems like the polite thing to do

Chav is mine


Great legs and feet

fucken claimed

there was so many hot popstars back then
takes me back

Oh yes ;)

my gf talks about wanting to fuck pink while she jacks my cock, it's so fucking hot

Dem tits and nips

Fuck yeah. So hard for her

no she doesn’t. she doesn’t even have a mouth. she’s your hand

would love to see her and Ruby Rose go at it

Tight butt too

I do believe its either shooped or she has HUGE estrogen bursts

I hope youre happy you ruined the thread


OwO it is my waifu's birthday today, I'm so glad you exist half-white, half-puerto rican Queen you are my everything you are my world 0w0

looking for celeb feet, hook it up Cred Forums!



That's a purdy mouth

she does though.





those leather shorts are the ultimate for me


pfff she's got the clap

I gave those titties a round of applause

D-do you have the picture in row three, column, three?!


yes please and thank you. sexy feet.

Ah fuck. Would kneel down and lick those soles

>dem pixie legs

on your knees

More non white girls would be nice


fuck off Dillon


Agreed 1000000%

not my name

yes ma'am, I'm sorry, I will kneel

what a faggot thread full of faggots. lets get some latinas

Ruth B?


I'm okay with this


I'll see if I can find it

of course you are

Yes more chocolate beauties



>all these white girls
wut? more latinas

Of course Misses. Fuuck


Latinas > all



Screw you brown loving ass.

Are Jew girls ok too?

Safe blud


Who is she?

She's super qt but this is hilarious

pretty much
latinas > white girls

omg it's that girl from that perfume commercial she's so pretty




shes pretty and new to these parts

Dat Ryry sole

get the fuck out you faggot subhuman nigger


Her fucking eyebrows would need a pillow of their own.

This is undeniable.

I wanna see husbands dick

Singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and a fucking model.

She's goddamn perfect.

don't feed the trolls

dat ass


Dat thigh meat.

Wanna frot

What the fuck, man.

Sorry I prefer chocolate

>celeb thread officially likes Latinas most


Are these real?!



Could you wrap you hand around a bbc?

Yep. “Leaked” by her/her publicist most likely.

>bbc myth agai

What is wrong with you?



No luck atm :(


>The fold leading to her pussy
HNNGH keep her coming user!

And apparently there’s a new set


That's why I love Latinas.

anyone got that figure skating nip slip from today?

No worries!

they are the best




claire a cute


And Shakira may be the best of them




tan/brown girls > pasty crackers


shes a coalburner

And there's dat peachy bum.

C u t e.


I want to hug a Claire

No I like a lot of white girls too, but Latinas and some blacks are my favourites.


Cutie raccoon

I like the Latinas and east Asians

Hey now, Pixie has quite the peach too!





Heh, no attraction for me towards orientals tbh fam


next thread no white girls edition






Anyone else smell shit?


Won’t fit ;-;



ok, nerds, let's do this. i'm here to jack off and tell you all about it.

Where is webmomsen


you= loser


Refocusing his Chi.


Latinas dominate




That’s how it should’ve been


>>> 43333333