Call me lion, pet me and i'll purr. whip me and i'll cream. try and interest me boys

call me lion, pet me and i'll purr. whip me and i'll cream. try and interest me boys

tits or gtfo


just a sneaky peaky at what your missing



show me your tributes boys, worship me

ill tribute you on kik

Nah. Show dem tits.

show your loyalty here. i don't waste my time with men unwilling to worship me in public

earn them

Are you stupid? Timestamp.

rawr rawr little fags here i'll help you/

imagine coming across my dwelling deep in a ancient forrest. " enter" i growl" do you?

This is legit cringe. You look like a 12 year old girl.

im 21 one years old you fucking moron. and im not a girl

>and im not a girl
abandon thread sage goes in all fields

this fucking thread just gave me AIDS

the age of witches is over you say? we chortle.... we are the ones to strong to burn

You look like a girl. You are going to have to prove you are not. You have big tits for a boy haha.

What the fuck are you on about? Show the hairy pooter.

>hairy pooter
I think this is the first time for me reading or hearing this term and I feel like using it myself

don't fuck with me. i have friends stronger then you'll ever know, both in strength and in heart. show me a more iconic group of babes

And the chamber of secrets

I wonder what mod that guy is using and what juice he is vaping.

would you like me to name it for ya?

why dont you Slytherin?


Penis for both.

he's not fucking gay, the girl next to him is his wife . im the only gay here

your name shall be

Boneless Of The Condemned

That would most likely be the case but I doubt anyone can get a penis whenever they want so he must use something to substitute.

if ya'll want more talking points. how about this. i designed my own tatts, drew them and all. doubt ya can say the same

i don't really get it

i draw lots of things, like me for example

by looking at your band i would think your vegan
and also you dont quite fit the normal look
and i dont think you have a benis


Boneless Of The Condemned

I think you need to add more wight to the outlines

or this one

Everyday Poo With The Stumpy Juggler

i majored in band naming at Harvord u

oh and heres me striking a pose

nah. ive really never gotten anything but complements on my work so try again

Your hair is wacko matey.

Doesn't dying your hair damage it?

they dont call me the little blue prince for nothing :P, also blue bird, blue jay and bluion

no i do it my self and i'm really god at it, i dye my friends hair too all the time

mwaaaa its me ur fav loli


Blue Featus Of The Loveless

oh and incase i wasnt your dream enough, i game.

Which is your favorite hentai?

i dont have to watch fake pussy, i get real pussy

Fat, white, brown eyes and dyed hair. Wow that's really fucking unappealing. I'll take a thin black girl with curly hair over this trash.

my eyes are green bitch.

I dunno man looks kinda brown

Is that a trap?

I'm with this guy. Eyes are brown.

like i said. me rude and get fucking destroyed


What mere boy can please you better than a man?

;P like how your talking sailor

Yes? No? Sometimes?

why won't any of you fuck me??


Gladly, just don't get in a Hufflepuff if I get any in your hair when I cum on your face

The strain on your ankles looks tremendous.
Is there a reason you don't wear heels?

omg i like the sound of that

i wear heals all the time idoit

Jesus christ you doughy wicca bitches.

You want me grabbing a Ravenclaw of your hair, forcing you down onto my throbbing cock

Tats are for scum

get fucked.

fuck off with your hatred for wicca you disgusting Christian bitch

I don't hate wicca, I love all memes.

I'd like to fuck those titties

yaa daddy?


lol okay. i get sex anytime i want. im not fat. and there is NOTHING wrong with being gay.

Most definitely, give daddy some more pics


do you wanna be my teddy daddy??

I'll be your beast

You're probably some disgusting, foul, pasty degenerate loser sitting in some shithole basement who just ripped these pictures off of some retarded Tumblr account.

So you like sucking cock too, huh?

I know how to party


More pics, I'm tensing a semi

Still waiting...

earn it, what would you do to me

I would rape that plump, juicy cooter until you were pregnant three times over. I'd fuck you until the light left your eyes day in and day out until you birthed my bastard children.

What he said..

tits or gtfo. I've already wasted enough time just typing this.

While he's pumping your cunt full of cum how about you take a second cock up your plump ass? Then when he's done I'll finish myself off in your used up pussy

404 is coming...

eat my ass

Gladly, let me see it

That’s been my name for years -_- let’s not

? waahh


Bored of empty promises, give me your ass or I'll take it from you

eat up

Show me that chocolate starfish, that's the best bit

Cmon, I'm hungry

Boring, I'm gonna go hate fuck myself over that chest

Wow. You're so cool

shut up

post more ass