Seriously, guyse, is this a trap? We matched and I would like to know.

Her profile says she's pansexual and cis gender. Whatever the fuck that means.

You guyse ready for the next pic?

its a girl you tard

Next pic.

Now, I know what you're thinking...

she doesn't shave her underarms. Must be a trap, right?

Truth is, I love going to burning man and fucking hippie pot smoker chicks, they're the easiest to bang.

Still think it's a girl?


Fuck.... really?

Do you think I should ask?

I mean, look at these lips. That's fucking masculine.

>doesn't shave arms
> instant indicator that this is a WOMAN

op you suck at this

I look at too much trap porn user, i can tell 99.9% of the time

doesn't look very masculine to me.

That face. That's a fucking guy, dudes.

My dick sense is telling me this is 80% a dude.

its a girl
>no visable adams apple
>shoulders arent broad enough
>leg and arms arent masculine

you must be gay. this is a girl. go fuck a twink already

Jesus Christ dude, cisgender means she is comfortable in her own skin and not a tranny. You can't be cisgender and trans

I think you need help.
this is clearly a woman. like clearly.

pretty cute too tbh

It's a woman. 100%

It's a girl but just a mentally unstable one. You can always tell by the official haircut of mentally unstable women seen here and here it's even colored to proven the mental issues are deep.

just man up and fuck him Nathan

you're actually retarded man. traps/trans people try VERY HARD to be feminine. theres no fucking way a trans girl would show off her unshaved armpits. at all.

Cisgender literally means "not trans". Also hairy armpits is hot on a woman.

Just leave her and pass on, she's way too good for you.

Eh, I do have a picture of a transwoman I know in the bath with hairy armpits and legs. No I'm not sharing it.