Can i destroy my computer with C++

can i destroy my computer with C++
im scared

Yes when you install it your PSU will explode shortly after

that's normal right?

yeah then the IDE should boot up shortly after

ITS WORKING!! the house is shaking but ITS WORKING!!!

You don't even need c++ to destroy your computer!


great just make a simple hello world program and give it a whirl, your house should start moving forward when you run it

No ur safe



Cpp huh. Cool.

if the program runs, that means my compiler is working right?

yes retard, any other questions?

i can't code with tears in my eyes meany. how else am i gona make the next call of duty!!!


Learn to sebug

Driving sorry. Debug.

If you stick to cpp you'll make anything you want.

an AI handjob machine? with smart finger sensing technology and orgasm control?

best resource to learn debuggin?

Same book you're reading
Hope not lol.

the bible?

Sensual :)


Thanks.. Brb.

Accidentally an AI. HELP!!