Can I have attention? It's my birthday

Can I have attention? It's my birthday

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Happy birthday user!


Depends how old? Over 18? yes. Kiddo? You can get out!

we need proof

Thanks alot, you're the first one.

Turned 18 ironically

Did you do anything with your life that makes it worth celebrating your birth?
Just being born isn't an achievement, everyone does it.

Nope, achieved nothing. Why else would I be here

Ok user happy birthday. Since 18 I would touch you if I were right next to you and off the molly

Here's your proof

Ahh to be 18 again... Enjoy!

But are you a virigin?

I’m sorry you have to show the whole id

Yes I am, proud to see that I have achieved adult virginess

Enjoy your birthday, mate. Finally you can browse legally.
Stay in school, don't be a NEET.

Have one internet, OP.

happy birthday
enjoy high school while it lasts, the world looks like freedom buts its just the same shit with less help.

Happy birthday user
have a painting

Well shit fam... Happy 18th. Stay in school, avoid thots and /pol for redpilling. Try to be a genuine good being and you'll do fine in life

Be proud then. As a male, I've always been quite a hoe. Sex is overrated user, unless it's with someone you love. You have no idea what you can still accomplish at such a young age. Happy Beurfday M80.

Allahu Akbar

happy birthday

Thanks guys, I feel less lonely now

It's my birthday too.

Happy blargus day user!

Another one...
Happy bday dude. Get off of /b and live...

Happy birthday, fella!

Happy birthday. If you're not a cunt I hope you have a good day.

Happy birthday nignog

let's have a feels thread?


Thanks, I hope I'm not



Let's not it's my birthday

happy birthday
it is all down hill from here, mate

So i've heard that from older friends. Maybe I can change that cycle.

OP what do you do for a living?

I'm in school

do it! do it for the old boys with the dusty skeletons :(

happy birthday

Check it out, do what I’m doing. School in the day time, mobile Carwash in the night time. You’d be surprised at how many strippers/gym employees/anyone else that works at night are willing to throw money at you. It will help your mindset in a couple ways, one, you’ll be too tired to care about not having friends and such, two, it’ll improve your body type

Happy birthday! here is 5 dollars. *hands 5 dollars* *gives hug* a-user.. is is that your bulge? *looks at it with big anime eyes* *Drools* OH i think it is my birthday ^_^ lol

Happy birthday!

fuck you OP you're worthless nobody gives a fuck that it's your birthday maybe your mommy but that doesn't count now go get yourself a pathetic supermarket cake and fuck off forever

thanks boys!

You're miserable. And I'd rather go out eat than eat a stupid cake.


how does it feel to know that you were a bully on the internet. Probably pretty bad? :( I feel bad for you user. I bet your dad hates you and you probably miss your legs after getting them blown off in the war. now you have to walk.. oh wait i mean get pushed by someone who is just waiting for you to die. Leglessfaggot.

Have a great day dude, I don't care if you've accomplished anything or any of that shit. It's your day and you should feel a bit better. I posted about my birthday earlier this month and I had a bit more positivity.

I was actually considering killing myself but that help, combined with some support from my online friends really helped out.

Have a great birthday

I know I was sad when I made the threat, but now I feel a whole lot better. thanks alot man :)

Happy birthday youngin!

my mom died in a plane accident and its also her birthday today she was coming to see me from toronto.


Made you a card

Happy bday user
Seems like you have low self esteem. Stop playing video games. Watch Jordan Petersons lections. In your age it will be useful.
You live in Europe everything will be fine ;)

sorry my man

That's so sweet thank you so much :'). I'll save it and keep it forever!

>happy birthday
>everyone's sad

Good for you. I up and wasted my virginity just before my 18th and I kinda wish I hadn’t.
Happy bday user, have some lolis

guys! I made OP a birthday card

can you all sign your names?

Happy bday youngfag, the day you can finally fist Cred Forums officially

happy birthday user. may your year be less shitty then the last one
or at the very least, less shitty then mine



u people are 18 now. jesus christ

You know what? You asked nicely, you didn't bullshit... sure. You have my attention user. Happy Birthday

Happy birthday bro, I'm sure everyone on Cred Forums has been lonely at some point in their life and it should be encouraged to make someone's day by just acknowledging them when they're at that point. Go out, buy some weed, and light that shit up homie. Make the most of being by yourself. And 18? You can buy blunt wraps legally. Just enjoy it my dude.

Thanks this is more I couldve ever asked for!

Thanks for the attention and hbd!

Anytime dude. Seriously go get stoned and watch some comedies. Being alone doesn't necessarily have to be bad. Life is about perspective. Make the best of every situation.

happy birthday user, I know life is rough, but I believe you'll make it though! Just keep on having those little strands of hope!


Happy birthday user

That's how I love to spend my friday nights!

Thanks I will, I'm not giving up yet

Happy Birthday, a special one from me to you

Lmfao why do you guys who are saying no think y'all are so funny? That's the most generic joke. Fucking lamefags

That's great man hahaha. But go all out for ya bday tho dude

Happy birthday, man.

>post-millennials are now legally allowed to visit my website

Tf mate, i actually have birthday too and kind of lack attention


Hey, user. I've been severely attention starved recently and I totally wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Happy Birthday, man

Happy birthday user!

I tried

nice digits

Wish I coulda used that on a roll lmao

Sorry man but we've secretly been here a long time.

the effort counts I'll save and cherish it :)


Go ask Michael for attention.


Happy Whatever for your thing

dubs of fag

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Peepee :^)

Confirmed. Attention granted. Also my wife

Happy Birthday!

happy birthday user

Thanks everyone

Happy birthday Cred Forumsro, we're here for you

At least your not a fag op


Happy birthday mang
I present to you my favorite birthday pepe



GTFO reddit

Happy birthday Cred Forumsro


We should all get anons address and send him birthday cards. He’s been a good sport the whole thread!

Thanks!, And special thanks for that bday pepe.

That sounds like a terrible idea but thanks for the gesture

Yeah let's start with your address faggot



Happy birthday buddy, I'd come over to enjoy some cake and spend time with you but I'm probably really far away form you.

You won't achieve anything great by 18. Just live your life the way you want and surround yourself with people that make you happy.

Probably, I live in The Netherlands. But thanks for the gesture user!

Thanks I shall

never been on reddit actually ido how it works and idk if i can post porn in it


You're welcome. Now enjoy your card.