Help, How do I get rid of this acne

Help, How do I get rid of this acne

Dunking your fucking head in to a vat of fucking vaseline 23 hours a day also accutane


3 - 6 liter water


Razor that shit off, apply alcohol to disinfect shit from face, sleep with a towel on your pillow to soak up excess sweat

You might as well pick up a razor blade

Cut off you face and become real life redskull at this point

this should do it

like this dude


Fire... and lots of it

Get into water sports. Salt water flying at your face will clear that shit out fast.

So close.

belt sander

botanic acne scar wash

wont get rid of them but some how reduces visibility

Pretty sure thats the plague, my dude.

drink lots of water, see a doctor.

PS dont shoot your school up, it isnt their fault.

those are not acne scars i think those are herps exzema and a medical emergeny dude ether way see a doctorb

While I know you're trolling, for those wondering the absolute BEST method of getting rid of acne in general is with rubbing alcohol. About 70% is more than enough, use cotton balls and apply generously both in the morning and night.

Make sure to change pillow cases often, the fatty build up can plug up pores and cause pimples.

you're fucked OP enjoy your face AIDs

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It's called soap and water

Thought I'd come back to make sure your not a fucking retard, clean that shit up, use rubbing alcohol and sleep with a towel on your pillow so you don't sweat like some filthy cum gargling ape.

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>Get Bucket
>Fill with H20
> Dissolve Sodium Hydroxide into H20
>Dunk head into Bucket