Shademan thread

Shademan thread

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good call op


i gave you this

I actually like some of his stuff but I find this too funny not to post it.


what is wrong with shadman exactly? Everytime I see thread like this someone has to post


Hating him is a meme.

Well, he did post sexualizes loli versions of keemstar's daughter and lt.korbis

his art style is horrible and not arousing at all
i truly hate his works

He did no such thing. He created his own characters

so that explains why instead of ignoring a thread you need to post in it to tell everyone how much you hate him?

When he draws vanilla stuff it's actually pretty ok. Certainly above the average porn artist who are 90% total garbage.
For me personally, the problem is all the futa and depraved shit.

No his didn't. His creations are his own intellectual property and are in no way related to other copyrighted characters or real persons.

The girl in ops picture is an actual person.


pretty much
he is so lame to the point of not deserving a thread

Its a character he created.

k negro


you downies


doenst looks like his work

it really isn't
you can tell by how it does NOT look like garbage



He's live on twitch right now

He does comics on the side of his work.


dude,that's BEYOND fucked up

0/10, apply yourself.

Do you know where you are?


lurk more pls

This actually makes me sad for some reason. I don't even hate loli or anything.


i'm not tho
mof,i just saved it

nigger what

How has he not been arrested yet?

dubbs xd


Can any of you confirm if this is really
> Shadman
Or is it a cosplayer?

He used to be so skinny but he turned into CHADman


100% not him

IDK but it's not impossible. He was prior military. Getting jacked is fairly easy if you have 1-2 years to spend for it

He did get the attention of the police twice. Once when he was going through college/university for posting much more disturbing/illegal stuff and a second time for carrying a knife larger than legal size. You can hear the whole thing on sleepycast season 1 episode 27 named "Sharks"

Yeah but this is a few months difference.
Last stream he did he was a thin white kid.
I think it's a cosplayer but that's still impressive

good question
i have no idea how he looks

fuck off fuck off fuck off
i have read this shit and i would rather get raped in jail everyday for a year than see it again
so fuck off fuck off fuck ooooooooooooooff

So basically drawing loli is not illegal? Because if it was he would've been arrested by now.
Is he American?

If it was a few months yeah its not him



I don't understand what he's paying the guy for?
Help a brainlet out


he paid the guy to hit his daughter with his car

nice bait

*check the driver


He's the driver. The dad payed the driver to run over his daughter in order to paralyze her.

>That license plate

His work is generally better if it's not actually anything to do with sex

to paralyze his daughter so he can fuck her

how do you even computer with that brain of yours (inb4 i phone)?



It's the breaking of trust and the realisation that she'll never be happy again, while never truly understanding why.




I have busted a nut to this over 100 times






if these are really from him,they look pretty good
he should then use this style more often





I've heard he drawed porn of his own mother. Where can I find it? IT was on newgrounds but is now deleted.

unlike this one
this last one looks horrible,like his regular stuff

I kind of get the feeling that he doesn’t get much actual sex in the real world

She's looking at the other direction from which the owner of the shadow should be standing

before, probably not, but now that he has some fame, some cosplay thots try to hang onto that so he gets pussy every now and then

Yes thats his shitty ass lines

I'll admit I like this one >.>

Show us your art then nigger


Is drawing loli legal?

Depends on the country.

I'd assume by his name he's somewhere in non-UK Europe so no.

While I think Shad's art is criticised somewhat unfairly, that's not how it works user.
You don't need to be filmmaker to know a film sucks, and you don't need to be writer to know a book sucks.

From the kind of chicks who are into his shit?

holy fuck more?? or more like this

Wait. There is a hole in that condom

He does draw a mean Raven though

Not where Shad lives, which I think is somewhere in central or south america. Although, I think the authorities have been in contact with him.

no shit you autistic nigger

Don't worry, she probably can't get pregnant yet.

but come on,don't you think at least this one looks ok?
the girl is cute,unlike most of his other stuff

You asked, he answered

What the fuck did you want?

I don't know hat in time lore but I think she's an alien so possibly millions of years old

Well then I hope she like bareback

He did a fully clothed drawing of the girl in his art style with no sexual connotations.

Love her feet

>Trigger over Shad

Can I fap to his art in the USA?

It’s south park

Sure, just don't let anyone find out.

I'm fapping to it in the UK and it's technically illegal here. Not sure how they can possibly enforce something a prominently US based

Yes you can. That ain't pizza technically

He’s not American? Then what’s up with his edgy Trump shit?

no if u look at it ur getting arrested buster
fbi already on its way

Dude does some fucked up shit and I love seeing if he can outdo himself.

What, a /d/orse? newfag detected.

shes not even sitting on the pole correctly


His website states that the characters are over 18. He even drew a girl holding her passport to prove she's over 18.

according to my Cop friend, in the US, it is legal for anything fake or drawn, but once it is real, hell no


That's not shadman, that's JLullaby.

Fuck that bald nigger shit, that shad set was weak.

I feel like Shad probably has some secret archives in his computers of full sex loli for himself that he will never share

His work is equally shit

The costume is, the character is Hat Girl from Hat in Time


why the fuck would he do that when
A) It's Legal
B) He's shown loli fucking before
C) Any drawing he could upload but doesn't is money not in his pocket.

I'm aroused, yet horrified.

I mean more fucked up shit like Keemstar's daughter sucking Trump's dick
Fucked up shit like that



Fair point, but I honestly believe if he had, he would have deleted it, because of how close that shit got to truly fucking him up.

The Keemstar shit could have gotten him proper fucked since she's a real child. Not to mention that even people who like dark humour and the like might not be too comfortable with the morality of "going after" an actual child.

>manly dale gribble with a mask and machete

That's the belly of a fit woman.
You know what would be crazy? If Shad was a woman this whole time.

Considering I can't remember my past self from the last time I read that, I highly doubt it.

Especially since he's been in videos.

He was on Oney plays.

The comments section was hilarious for the amount of butthurt.


That's a hot idea I would like her to give me a footjob but sadly it's a he I heard his voice in the stream

attack its weak spot for massive damage

>Revolve in Peace, planetbro.

You can't boo the shadaloo

Plz link the video that would be interesting

Which episode?

I'm not mad or triggered but why you skip lines?
Just curious.

But did you see him do any art?

I like that one too. Funny, I posted that several weeks ago and got a 24 hr warning for posting loli. Go figure, eh. :-/

Yea I once told him to put the ring on Helen (incredibles) toes

The PUBG one.

> Shadman is ONEY

Don't tell anyone where I got this
This is Shadman

I could believe that lol

fb/ig thread

I'm so curious about this guy. Is he an autist virgin retard, or just a normie who draws wierdass shit?

I thought he'd be better looking tbh
I dont think this is him, he doesn't look white here

Probably started autistic but now gets pussy

A lot of loli artists that draw weird shit are normies.

They're smart enough to put their work somewhere beyond deviantart so they can make money off it.

You gay or something?


You leave a blank line between every paragraph.
It doesn't really matter online but it's just a habit.

Except their art is nothing alike.

how could we tell anyone when we dont know who you are or where you got it

> (You)

Thank u


(The joke)---->
(Your head)
(Rest of your body)

Get out newfag


Dr. Toboggan, is that you?


Why i cant find his website anymore?

shit you're right... am I retarded

It's ok

typed that on google and literally cannot find it. (no active filters)


make me
at least i'm not the one doing the "NOT THIS ONE!
know what i'm saying?

He's not white and has confirmed this himself.

You're fucking retarded. He does plenty of stuff of real girls, he's just too much a bitch too go too far with it.

Even if this weren't bait, google has a whole page practically devoted to shad when you type it in.

That's more the character than the actor.

>Posts a fictional character

Fictional character played by real girl, you're dragging my argument down you fucknut

i don't get it
why so pissed about Hayaloosa?
please,enlight this brainlet user here

looks nothing alike but people need to make more rule 34 of Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things. Funny enough she seems to be type cast in roles where she fucks people...


He was better when he actually cared about his shit and now he does 90% of it with the U MAD BRO U MAD. TRIGGERED TRIGGERED TRIGGERED attitude and it’s pretty fucking cringey.

Plus that one thread that pointed out he’s not talent and all the same make up effect shit. That thread was hilarious.

Try saying Hayaloosa as hi-ya-loose-ah

Fuck Nancy, El's my girl all the way

but I'm not interested in the real girl
she doesn't have cool claws and powers

How can I see more of his work?

>walk in
>see vicious faggot
>360 degrees
>still see him
>get anally wrecked cause can't into angles
wut do


Do another 360 and get a benus in your benus

Exactly, Shads drawing the character, but user's point was that technically it's a real person too. But I think it doesn't count hah

google shadbase

woulda gotten anally wrecked with a 180 too ;)

You know that's a load.


Shit I lost that. Do you have it?

Because the point of drawing her is that Dafne Keen is hot.


I didn’t save it, I’m dumb as well.

I think the point is that shad turns every smol fictional character into porn. Even fucking caillou

He got a legal warning for this one, thus no more x-23 porn.



if only the girl was that hot IRL

>Dafne Keen is hot
hey, you said it, not me
I like X-23

he would be fucking black. I'm tired of this shit


It's hilarious how viral that vid got, major networks playing that girls panty shot all over the place.

well she cant really turn her head now, can she?

He should've ignored it, nothing that lawyer could've done. But he bitched out, just like he bitched out about this and didn't actually draw her in a sexual situation.
It's the reason they aren't on his site anymore. How do you not know about this?

Hah taming strange

Is that Crab Nicholson?

He got in trouble over legal and licensing issues, not the loli shit.

Shit you're right, man I hate that shit. Just leave fucking artists alone and let them draw whatever the hell they want
Yeah I got it



When you're paralyzed like that, you start too lose muscle mass very quickly. He has a year tops before she becomes an unfuckable junior Mrs. Skeleton.

Honestly the only flaw with this artist is that he mixes gay and straight content. Why does so many artists do this nowadays, you gain and lose a boner constantly. It's god damn annoying.


>that gay as fuck Marco comic

>gay content
you mean,the cocks?
that's a huge turn off for me too

if only there was a categorized archive so you didn't have to see what you don't want to

yes, the gay content.

Yeah because I’m going to waste no through the archive and not clicking one subject as opposed to going everyday to see the new content in the homepage

Favor do you listen to yourself talk

the actual

Just posted on his twitter

Yeah but its chicks with dicks so its not gay.

And they say black have no fathers.

yeah witch is bs because it's a parody

what the shit

>I'm not willing to put in the extra 30 seconds work to avoid getting triggered
yeah it's definitely the artist's fault

ahahaha quality




a chick cannot get a dick IRL while a man can get a whole and fake tits.

the more you know

Not that kind of legal shit you fucking idiot

>being this butthurt over it
It’s not that deep fam holy shit stop being a bitch baby

Yeah but put it this way.

We like porn right? And we watch girl on girl and guy on guy, right?

So now we can get all the awesomeness of watching a chick get railed by another hot lady boy. Get it?




it's simple, either you imagine your reach arounds into wet pockets or into gay schlongs. there's a thing called strapon if you want lesbian sex with non-lesbian positions

out of interest, what part of my post suggested "butthurt" to you?
you're the one complaining about free porn and ignoring the obvious solution to your only perceived problem with it
idgaf if you wanna keep being retarded