Tfw smoking 75 cigarettes a day

>tfw smoking 75 cigarettes a day

Anyone here managed to quit smoking?

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It's the hardest thing i've ever looked down the chamber at my brother.
fuck me how is something so addictive even legal?

this captcha.

I tried the patch. Helped but fell off the wagon. Started back up for a few years, then my mom and her sister both died the same year from lung cancer. So i quit cold turkey. Haven't had one in about 5 years. The hardest part is not the addiction, it's the habit. Watching TV go out for a smoke when a commercial comes on. Then you quit and a commercial comes on and you don't know what to do. I ate donuts. Gained about 30 pounds. But slowly lost it over the years. Good luck user

Death beckons.

2015 summer returns

Smoked a pack or two a day for 15 years. .. Just kinda went cold turkey successfully one day. I had tried (with success for months at a time) before, but always went back. Haven't smoked for about a year now. It's a lot easier if you don't drink while quitting. After the first week, its a lot easier, and you notice most of the desire is just simple habit, like wanting to light up every time you get in the car and crap like that. I found myself annoyed at how often I wanted a butt for no real reason other than it was what I always did, and that frustration was more than enough to get me over the hump.

Vaping is the solution, much more safe, good taste, cheap. My life changed when i got mine one, you need a bit of willpower but its the best thing, from there if you want to quit that too you just decrese the nicotine amount you choose to smoke, i sugest starting with 8 mg/ml, good luck

seriously try vaping, i used to smoke 10 a day, gf caught me smoking at work behind her back, she gave me the ultimatum that i have to either switch to vaping or the relationship was over.

after a few weeks the smell of cigarette smoke made me feel sick because i was getting nicotine from a source that wasn't foul, and my body recognised that and when i get a craving now, it's for my vape, not cigarettes. now i'm slowly easing down on the nicotine over the course of a year.

I never did quite understand this.
Like, don't buy the packs... for two weeks, and you're done.

I quit two weeks ago. Wish me luck OP


low quality too, I admit, but really, though.

I have had drinking problems for 7 years and, honestly, just like going cold turkey is the easiest. sure for the first week it's annoying as fuck but, what, don't you have a shred of willpower?


I do anesthesia. Taking care of peeps like you are fun. Sick and difficult. Makes for an interesting day for me. Healthy is boring as fuck.

Don’t need to quit, cut way the fuck back for your own health. You WILL regret it when you don’t have your health any more.


>vape or we are over
your girlfriend is a lesbian

75 cigarettes a day is 3 and 3 quarters of a pack. At 10 dollars a pack that's $37.50 every day or $262.5 a week which is more than I spend on groceries every month and over $1,000 every month which is more than my rent.

I used to smoke two packs a day and quit last July. I also chewed snus as well when I was working. I used the patch to quit, bought some for cheap on ebay and tapered down nicotine levels. Didn't take me long to quit, you just have to be ready to stop and have the dedication to follow through with it. I hacked up black shit from my lungs for like two weeks straight. It's worth it and you can do it but you have to be willing or it will never happen.

10 bucks a pack? godamn man thats rough. less than 5 a pack for my good ole camels in the south

>10 dollars a pack
that's where you're wrong

OP is probably buying by the carton anyway

What brand do you buy?

How do you cope? I won't deal with clubs, NA, AA, whoever because they operate only with hopeless cases

Kentuckyfag here, 5.65 all day long for filterless camels.

just vape, but don't be one of the faggots who blow big clouds on public areas


Smoked from '85 to '89. Started waking up in the middle of the night needing a smoke. Kept it at one pack/day, though.

Started wheezing all the time. Navy starts it's mandatory PT program and realize I could be kicked out. Gave it up cold turkey. Haven't smoked since.

It was NOT easy. Coughed up some pretty gross shit as my lungs recovered over two-ish years.

I smoked 2-3 packs a day for 20 years. I tried to quit hundreds of times with all the different methods.
Finally succeeded with vaping. Started high nic, mixed own, cut down, vaped 0 a while, lost ecig and decided i didnt need another.
I love/d smoking too, I just knew/know its super bad for you.

>tfw vaping 75 liters of vape juice a day

Anyone here managed to quit vaping?

Smoked for 14 years.
Just quit for the upteenth time last month.
This time using thee patch ontop of nicotine
lozengers. I feel pretty confident this time around.
Quitting heroin wasn't this hard for me.
Nicotine is evil man.

Vaping a proper ecig (not the cigarette brand ones).
I wasn't a heavy smoker though, just three rollies a day or something.
Surely cutting down from 75 a day to something more reasonable wouldn't be TOO difficult and from there pick up vaping.

Your body starts associating the hit with a vape instead of a cigarette and from there it's done. Drinking can be difficult, eventually you'll smoke less and less even at a party. One of the surreal things I've started experiencing is smoking heavily at a party but still needing my vape because the satisfaction sensation has started being associated with how it feels to vape, rather than the throat hit of a cig.
Plus it's a lot easier to taper down with ecigs since you can buy known nicotine amounts and just cut down 1mg a month or something for a super slow reduction that you wont totally notice.
If you smoke inside, or in your car or something, you could even do both for a while but start limiting where you'll let yourself smoke while allowing yourself to vape while on the computer or watching tv etc. That way you inherently cut down the cigarettes and the vape starts to take over.

ALSO, you can even get full tobacco alkaloid nicotine juice if you find it's all the other shit in cigarettes you're addicted to as well.

How can you smoke so much and not get sick of it? If I go to over my daily dose I get sick of smoking and can't do it till the next day.


I seitched to vaoing 3 weeks ago. Its ok for now i guess. But damn i miss taste of freshly handrolled cigs

haven't seen this pasta in a while

You've gotta be genuinely mentally ill to even smoke one, nevermind to repeatedly smoke them. And addictions are not hard to beat anyway, you can easily do it with minimal willpower. Serious cucks about these days

Smoke weed faggot

Quitting smoking is easy af. Ive done it 100s of times

Korean dude gave me the advice that finally helped me quit:

You do not quit once. You quit everyday. Every time you wake up, you quit. Everytime you get a craving, you quit. It is a lifelong struggle.

I stopped by refusing to buy packs. And when the inevitable craving for a cig comes I just bum one or give somebody a dollar for 2. The less of the chemical i put in my body the less I think about smoking and the less of a concern I have when I can't smoke. I tried to smoke one the other day when I was having a few beers and I couldn't even finish it. It's gross


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>Anyone here managed to quit smoking?

I traded cigarettes for meth. Best decision ever

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>4 packs a day

Talk to the fucking doctor christ.


I smoked my first cigarette today since 2014. It felt like shit.

Random quick question.
Will a probation officer hair drug test me on a first test?
Not on probation yet fyi

>awake 8 to 12 hours
>a cigarette every 6 to 9 minutes

get a hobby shit

Dude for real don't fucking do another fucking one

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Once you start again you dont stop

yes definitely 100%

I heard lobotomy works pretty well. Especially if you remove the pre frontal cortex

Just date an absurdly clingy girl who doesn't like smoking. Worked for me.

Yeah, I don't think I will. My friend left an empty carton in the car, it only had that one left, my mouth tastes like shit now
Thanks for worrying mang.

Even if it's a first offense for a couple gs weed?

Yes definitely

I feel like youre bullshitting

Yes definitely

Just reminds me of when I quit for 90 days

Someone was smoking in my house and blowing it out the window but had a shitty day took a drag and holy fuck was I ever hooked again

Its like chasing that buzz feels so fucking great then all of a sudden you just light up ever day just so you dont verbally assault someone because youre so mad


Juuls are pretty good for that, more nic and less cloud so you don't look like a faggot.

Source: Faggot vaper

Tfw I smoke 600 thousand ciggs a day. Anyone manage to quit?

He knows how long it takes weed to clear your system and he has a lot of other shit to do. You're going to start getting three panel pps a month after he tells you "stop now".

Don't be a fag you will be fine, definitely.

yes...yes I have...October 2009 last cigarette ever!!!

Yeah, I know how you feel. That's how I got hooked a couple of times after quitting for a good while. Dealing with stress and anxiety without an external agent it's fucking tough. I'm basically a straight edge now. I quit drinking and smoking at the same time. I'm too hard on myself and luckily I was able to get through it on my own.
If I could do it, so could anyone.

I quit drinking and smoking weed and all other drugs but still damn hard

Been smoking since 2011

Alright thanks for the info m8

No, but I went from 40 a day to 10 a day, good enough for me

How much was the fine?

No fine or anything yet. They haven't even filed my case yet after 2 months

Nicotine is the worst shit. You either quit cold turkey or its harder to lower the dose.
I got into reading and playing guitar more and more. Keep my mind occupied. I hope you get to quit and clean yourself man!

smoked on and off for years op

it takes sheer fucking determination to quit

heres how i did it
>I constantly thought about the costs of smoking and how it was ruining my ability to save money
>I took up running. That was hard at first and I was out of breath constantly but after a week it got easier
>I'd eat something healthy whenever I got a craving
>I worked out lifting weights
>I repeatedly googled the damage of smoking and checked out images of damaged lungs and side effects of smoking
>I ate healthy food and AVOIDED DRINKING during my first month of quitting
>I constantly told myself whenever I drank that in no way was I going to buy cigarettes

follow some of these steps op and you'll quit

It's mind over matter. The first week will be hardest. It's all easy from the second week

also, if you get stressed out at work or whatever, try deep breathing
dont give in to peer pressure either or any offers of a smoke

I hop eyou all keep smoking your brains out, as long as its a Philip Morris brand like Marlboro. I have an ass ton of Uncle PM stock.

For vapers, but their new iQOS shit - it is awesome.

Is the public prosecutor ever NOT on vacation.

One time I got a new job while living outside just in time for the prosecutor to issue a warrant and make me look like a fool.

They admitted they were wrong and that I wasn't a felonious criminal. But since I wasted the judge's time I got a year of probation.