Dumb gook i know from college knocks up trashy hoe

dumb gook i know from college knocks up trashy hoe.

Another chink pops up with ONLY HIS genetics!!! Next Elliot Rodger in the making


get fucked, i hope that bitch divorce rapes him so he pays alimony and child support for life.

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Wow user. You sound extremely jealous and insecure imo. Also that guy looks jacked. You won’t say it to his face you puss. Might not be able to wipe his own ass but could probably whoop your ass

lol say that to his face tuff guy

post body pic for lulz

doesn't count he uses steroids obviously.

He has a small dick too

low quality womin

> come on Cred Forums to whine about bully who's living a more fulfilling life
> your bully was Asian
imagine being so beta that this is the level of passive aggressiveness your at.


Good for him. He looks happy. Asians aren't niggers or spics, so good on him.

>your bully was Asian

he wasn't my bully, we barely knew each other.

He was in all the nerd classes

I agree Asians are cool with me even though paw paw used to kill the fuck out of them!

His bully is smarter and stronger than him, all he can do is kys.

Dubs of truth. OP go suck a dick.

Luckily it's a girl. She'll wind up less popular than she wants to be but will eventually find some tall white guy to have her babies and allow her to move up the genetic ladder

OP is salty as hell

You sound insecure as fuck if you took the time to save his photo, come to Cred Forums, upload and say those things and defend it.
Dude is living the life better than you ever will.

Why are you so mad r/hapas? It's not our fault you are losing the sex game...

So this guy either picked on you, kicked your ass, and/or got the girl you are in love with.

You have a secret Asian microcock fetish. You want that little half eaten hotdog sliding up and down your crack.


I bet you make those faggot cuck threads

>He is smarter than you
>Stronger than you
>Has more game than you
>Beaten up more pussy than you
and all you can do is type on the internet. pic related: it's you.

doesn't look very trashy.. cute and lost all baby weight already. not sure if you're just jealous of not getting to bang her or her stealing your hot asian waifu-man. My bet would be on the guy though.

I'd rather be compared to pepe with down than to a gook

No it's a just a larping Chink.

That's not how it works. Asians have the least sex statistically and are the least desired. Nobody cares about Asian males.

>heard a buzz phrase on main stream media

lmao this is what sheeple actually believe

>trashy hoe

ok, looks like someone needs a nap

>get fucked, i hope that bitch divorce rapes...
pls stop

Someone cares enough to make a thread about an Asian who happens to defy your "statistics"
mad permavirgin? pic related: it's you

you sound very insecure about yourself

What are you talking about? They get swiped left the most on Tinder. I knew this was a false flag thread.

r/hapas conducts a supah secret raid on Cred Forums. Wow we have never seen this before.

I OP was back in the Roman day he would be a billionaire.

how the fuck do you even know about shit like that?
I would tell you to kill yourself, but I'm sure you'll do that soon without being asked. holy shit, you're pathetic

Kys beta male

It's time to go back there now. Report another WMAF incident.


>The unique challenges

I bet OP never even tried. You're one of those beta cucks that probably had a shot, but never had balls to ask her out. kys

You obviously dont lift bro, not jacked guy uses steriods, although his arms are decent. You are such a beta male


White people are hilarious.

Are you guys too dumb to realize its a false flagging thread and that OP is actually Asian?

He pretends to be outraged so that people will take the bait and bump his thread. I know how he works, because i'm a fellow shitposter.

This. These people make the stupid black dick threads.

Chris Sacca has way more money and is smarter than the beta in OP

Lmfao kill this chink and eat all his rice



another chink dicked

Keep saying that till the white race ends from the face of the Earth.

Because of stupid soibois who couldn't rein their women (who always behave as ghetto bitches in heat) White people will disappear and the world will sink into utter chaos. The fall has been so swift that White people are not able to grasp their demise.

do you even lift?