Hello Cred Forums

hello Cred Forums
gril here
anything you wanna ask me?
i m g o i n g t o h a n g m y s e l f is not a question


tits or gtfo

thats the image are you blind?



what that mouth do?

gay shit or something

here are tits so i dont have to gtfo

How does it feel knowing that in about a few hours or so, you're going to get hungry and want to eat something, but you can't find anything quick to eat and you have to make a dinner meal without wanting to put in the effort?


heres some tits for the "tits or gtfo" fags



ok there we go

u all gey lel

I'm having my first date ever tomorrow, what do grills like to be asked about?

Do you shit with that ass?

just dont talk about memes and you are OK DOH KAY

Hello if feminist you can get out if not welcome

Sixx sticks time!

Why don't you listen to Epica?

I disagree. Meme your ass off. She'll respect you for it in the morning.