I think I've overcome my fear of death...

I think I've overcome my fear of death. I'm only in my mid 20s but have stressed over the thought of dying since middle school. Growing up in a pretty strict religious household made thinking from different perspectives difficult. Now though, I'm 99% ok with death being the final curtain.

I've started to appreciate the idea that everything that is came from random chance. There's a certain beauty to that; improbable circumstances turned into something beautiful.

The 1% thing I still get compulsive thoughts about is how all my skill sets and the things I learned will mean nothing once I'm 6 feet under. The second that blankness starts, all the things I've learned and loved ceases to exit.

I'm drunk as fuck so I hope what I said is comprehensible.
>feels thread too

I kinda want to die

Why is that?



Just remember that you are only your brain. If someone were to slowly cut your brain by different parts, you would slowly start becoming more retarded, until you'd get so retarded that there would be nothing left. Always remember we're nothing more than computers

Do you want to talk about your feels?


I suggest you play Silent Hill Origins until you die then.

I don't really have that /r9k/ mindset but I see how you mean. I think being a little retarded is okay. Being a little ignorant is okay. Have to get some bliss in there

My brain likes drugs

I've had depression most of my life. Homeless. I live in a shitty Arizona town but I cant bolt yet because I want to try and get a degree first. I dont speak with my family anymore because they are worthless bastards. No friends. No big tiddy goth gf. Very little money because I'm in between jobs at the moment and financial aid hasn't came in yet.


We were already dead before we were born. The universe and all shit was made of nothing... OK, as long our dns was alive, we were a part of it, but again all comes from nothing

Sounds rough man. Can you name me a positive or 2 from your life? As small as it might be

It's a trippy thought, isn't it? Something came from nothing, and that sonething is beautiful

Sometimes, ... belongs to you.

And hey no matter how much anybody thinks that's it and it's the end of even that there is definitely an afterlife nobody really knows

You're very right dubs

Come on, it's absolutely ok to believe in an afterlife. Some think about to be the prince/ss, and some thinks about to be the victim in the parallel universe

I’m gonna an hero tonight an 8pm western time. Good bye Cred Forumsros


Wanna talk about what's troubling you, or what thoughts you want expressed after you die?

Nope just another user who will an hero and be gone for good. Tired of everything.
>shit life
>shit job
>shit wife
>annoying family
They don’t like me anyways in come along way and I’m tired of it all. I’m gonna go curl drink a fuck ton of codeine and pass out in the woods with our freezing weather. Goodbye bros it was fun while it lasted.

Why not try one more day. Something awesome could happen

godspeed user, that's a good way to go. I'll be joining you within the next few years

Been waiting for that day for 25 years

See you on the other side

Why not try one more?

mid 20s and already knows everything

I don't feel like I know much. I just have changed my mindset into a positive perspective, and thought I'd share it

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You say things like 'I' and 'feel.' Ever turned inwards?

so? fuck off faggot

Never said I'm not trying to grow more. I'm just stating what I've learned so far

post moar please

It's not really learning, it's just speaking. To learn about the self and the universe you need to quiet down, turn inwards, and contemplate the self and the cognitive processes. In other words meditate. People only enlighten in that mode, it's how Jesus and Buddha awakened and any Joe from the street can follow in their footsteps.

Where is this from? I've Tineyed it but nothing

So you think I haven't done that because of the pronouns I used?

Death is pretty much the only thing I have to look forward to at this point

Well, because of your nihilism I figured you typed your posts ITT on autopilot and not mindfully self-aware. Most people are on autopilot throughout their lives so it's normal.

Truth be told. What I learned is the more you age the more it takes to fill your glass. You start to not care about petty shit that you would when you were couple years younger even. You feel free.

I was just stating my recent thought processes and wanted to hear others thoughts. I never put down others beliefs, and I'm not saying I'm set in my thoughts