Drawthread big ole eyes edition

drawthread big ole eyes edition


Requesting Samantha taking off her clothes, and then putting on your Swimsuit

Requesting a short vore comic of this girl swallowing a tiny person whole and alive. One panel where she's holding them above her open mouth, another where she gulps them down, and a third where it shows them in her stomach as she falls asleep.

Samantha Extra ref

Requesting these three being cute together also make it SFW pretty please and thank you maybe them having fun at the beach or exploring the underwater ocean.

I fucking knew it was you fernando you little dicked mongrel XD

Requesting Yin riding his brother's (Yang) massive cock with the same lip-biting expression. (you can even have Yin wear a Bee outfit for shits and giggles)

Requesting nothing


Hi Roryfag! :^)

Requesting Ellie fingering her butt looking somewhere between a little uncomfortable and surprised

Ey hows it going?

>shit I forgot one

This is Roryfag too

Well no duh I'm the only one who uses WordArt

Boop taking Reqs. and might ask for one if any drawfags are up for a pretty high effort one

/r/ a furry femboy in harem clothes. Any species, any design.

When you gonna give us those delicious panties Roryfag, I mean Leyla, I mean Shinuki?


dude you forget i only color please stop this linking nonsense

if you're doing colors, can I request agent spect-hare spanking being colored up?


no, it sadly has directtv...
but you can install netflix on dis bitch tho so that's pretty lit
oh lol, well i hope you come up with a name for her soon, i used space puns for mine, like debry is debris and satel is short for satellite and i think there's a type of constellation with a corruption of satellite for it's name too...

also got a blog by chance?

Ok sorry :(

>When you gonna give us those delicious panties Roryfag, I mean Leyla, I mean Shinuki?
So, YV, Roryfag, Leyla, Shinuki, damn I'm getting all sorts of names!