Would you fuck this chick?

Would you fuck this chick?
How and Why?

Be honest / detailed.

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Hell yes I'd fuck her





What would you like to see?

That phat ass




FUCK yeeah shove my cock deep in her asshole

Yes in the butt then cum in her nose



I wanna see her tittys

For the fucking love of fuck I need more!

muh dick would go off like a shotgun in her

I'd ask if her name was Sandy Hook since I want to shoot some kids in her.

tattooed attention whore. she'd definitely put out. nice and thick. 10/10 I would fuck her in every hole.

I would push her knees to her chest and bottom out her pussy before lubing up my cock and claiming her asshole. calling her a whore all the while

Oh absolutely.
I'd go down on her until my jaw was sore. Anything after that is up to her.
Why? Cause she's hot. I like thicker girls and girls with tattoos.

I have standards, not much, but more than that.

I just want her to slap me with those tits. The harder the better.