What does a girl's ass smell like, Cred Forums?

What does a girl's ass smell like, Cred Forums?

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Either ass, sweat, or nothing

smells like niggers

Wipe your finger against your ass and smell. Pretty much that, or she has wiped well and it does not smell anything.

It's a human ass, don't expect it to smell good.

Like a bag of sand

Sort of like your image.

a plastic bag of pennies

smells just like al notso sharpton

ass smells like ass, get over it

100% true

Underrated post

Salty coins and milk

MY girls ass smells like lilac, or she goes back into the bathroom for a 2nd shower, filthy slam-piggy.

About the same as a man's ass.
So, like feces and sweat.


like Al Sharpton's politics

depends on the girl..

Smells like perfumey ass. I like the way my wife's smells. Hell, sometimes it's what pushes me over the edge when we 69.

Lmao a niggers scalp



like freshly baked cinnamon rolls if you baked them out of shit