Would you leftie? I have a good shot this weekend...

Would you leftie? I have a good shot this weekend. She's not that hot but she's SUCH a bitch that I wanna hate fuck and cum in her mouth.

Some details:
> shes 32
> all her friends are married with kids
> desperate for a real relationship
> real bitch

These things make it hotter for me to fuck her. WWYD to her Cred Forums?





Kinda in the same boat. Shea married tho. A buddy of mine hit it a cpl months ago and said she's a total freak. Her hubby is gone away this weekend and a few of made plans to go out.

Thinking of taking nudes then blackmailing her just for the fun of it

I would she's fuckable AF..

Looks sexy as fuck. More?

Just g rated. That's why I wanna take some good ones

> Thinking of taking nudes then blackmailing her just for the fun of it
wtf don't do that. if you have no empathy at least realise you'll get legally in trouble for it

ok glad to hear it. these are the good photos of her, here's her on the left

Think she would try to get me in trouble and out herself for fucking other guys??

heres a more realistic photo of her on left again, she doesn't get much attention which makes the fucking her hotter

I am not fapping now and plan to blow about a weeks worth of cum in her mouth this weekend. Im gonna push for the bj just for that, then fuck her. what do you think?

if she went to the police you would get jail time, at least where i am from. your choice. post pics either way

I just don't see her running the risk of having her hubby find out

Showed off her bod better in first pic damn

Face fuck or pussy she needs it

face fuck 100%. i think shes gonna appreciate the attention and let me do what I want. gonna push it down her throat, I think shes gonna be a nasty bitch in bed and will probably let me

will pull the rubber off too is she makes me wear one


Can't unsee Hillary Clinton hairstyle. Forever boner killer. No wonder she is single.

She looks crazy. I would only go raw in her. No debate

She's a butterface for sure


heres when she was fat(er)



what they are hot, this is some 30-something dog whore Im looking to empty my sac into. wrong thread mate