The way of fools edition.

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Requesting the following image, I can pay 20 dollars for this.

Requesting a short vore comic of this girl swallowing a tiny person whole and alive. One panel where she's holding them above her open mouth, another where she gulps them down, and a third where it shows them in her stomach as she falls asleep.


Haha uh oh

Requesting Samantha taking off her clothes, and then putting on your Swimsuit

Extra ref

Requesting Yin riding his brother's (Yang) massive cock with the same lip-biting expression. (you can even have Yin wear a Bee outfit for shits and giggles)


This is the real thread


hello everyone. any drawfags about? i got a request to make

Asking again. Is there any femanon/female drawfag that wouldn't mind giving/selling me their used panties?

uhh i posted this in other one but it died instantly

hey again

drawing the best boy

This is the real one, then.
The other was a vorefag ruse!

Good luck trying to get a request done!

FUCK OFF VOREFAG absolute cunt
can we just report him again

Requesting coloring this image of Zoe and Alex (Special Agent Oso)





Taking requests?


Guess this is the real one ffs.
Requesting Ellie fingering her butt looking somewhere between a little uncomfortable and surprised

I'd say yes but I'm far too lazy to follow through haha

stop doing the gay it makes me insecure of my sexuality

vorefag why aren't you screeching and begging over in the etch-a-sketch drawthread too?

no u


>He thinks the main reason I'm here is for the request

yeah i know its hard but i dont mind waiting for it to be taken on.
what on earth is this the same format from the lizard and bunny one i did earlier.


wtf, anyone have link to the book?



it literally just ended when you suggested it kek


we know you are. your poorly veiled trolling doesnt fool anyone

Anchor post for rhapsody huge tiddie squeezing drawing

>I want to see Rhapsody's huge breasts being squeezed from behind just like pic related, just giving her the hardest squeeze you can. Let the fingers just sink in, y'know?

no i don't, but i know you like to be a lame ass. so i figured you would be over there doing the same bullshit you do here.

Speedy here. Its just Fernando asking for some more stuff. I usually leave my stuff for one coloring per night.

The thing is I don't think Fernando had ever said thanks.

>Ignorant headed jackass who is literally here for the memes

Creepy pedo that thinks Cred Forums is evil, and yet here he is

Infamous autist with a well known history of stalking & harassment

Requesting these three being cute together also make it SFW pretty please and thank you.

If the request was my main priority, why would I intentionally piss everyone off, let alone post it on Cred Forums?
Use your brain, if you have one

Quick google finds it, it's painfully down to earth and respectful aside from one drawing of her shoving her hand down her tights in public.

it was your main reason at first.but now we know you're addicted to the (you)'s and getting them at any cost

Nice to see you're still working on agent spect-hare! Looking forward to it!

>stalking & harassment
>both of these he hasn't done within the past year

Erm Alright
id really have to think about it before doing this one okay?
yes just finding the right shade for her asshole :3

Is Scraps still here?

Not quite there correct in your analysis, but you're getting there.
Speedy did nothing wrong
Fernando did nothing wrong
I did nothing wrong


>hasn't done within the past year
>implying he wouldn't return to stalking and harassing if he knew it wouldn't get him banned and further ostracisation


dude saying id have to think about it don't mean please give me a reference. Thank you and have a nice day.

hmmm thanks for the laughs




warm up sketches
whatup thread

Your refusal to listen to my polite warnings has caused me to reach the conclusion that it is for the best if i do not complete this request. have a nice day.


who wants to all happy?

You take requests?


its so great
Cred Forums very briefly fell over her but not long enough for a lot of great art. I think the emoji dog took over and ended it prematurely if i remember correctly

here it is finished.
hello, are you taking requests?

Dibs on the preggo corpse

gud shit

Greetings gentlemen.

buying gf

You have a good night

Preggo? she just gave birth, she's just fat now

PS donate to my paypal

I think this is the first time someone has described a spanking as a 'boop.' The colors came out very nice indeed! Do you think you can add a touch a pink to where her spanked cheeks are? Don't have to. Either way thanks for giving her a color over!

Wouldn't that make her a cheap fuck?

I want one also.

Hi blob

why do u tease us
why do u come here
why do u so cute

Thanks for the joke drawing got a little chuckle from it

boop is my name silly and here you go


why are you wanting lewd art of a show from disney JR? Jesus fuck user get a hold of yourself

You too, good sir.
I do no such thing you silly Billy!

abandonment issues


no one liked you to begin with though

if I was renting, yes.

lets be each others' wingmen

how are you, user?

>why do u so cute
I need to be for the ladies.

You're welcome ;)

Enjoy the night

yea, Just drawing porn ;y
what up?

I'm good anyway wanna do this request You can give it a pass if you like.

It's your fault for going to a Cred Forums drawthread you fucking morons.

how true that is depends on how long you've been keeping tabs on drawthreads



Nice. What's a wingman?

It's DeviantArt 2.0 anyway, ''y u so cute OwO''

A fucking tragedy.

Can you draw more thicc Scraps?

I could measure you in time periods
BB and AB
Before Bestiality and After Bestiality

I like were this is going.

Really love your characters scraps. Requesting Lilyanna and Mathius lewd spooning session like gif related


Sono Hanabira

go for it

Heres another reference in case


well obviously right now its AB...
unless theres another major event like the rebirth of christ if you get what i mean

you can't unfuck an animal, not even with the power of God

You too!

i mean when he is reborn and fucks another animal than boasts about it it'll be a new age and I wouldn't put it above him to make the same mistake again

Ugh. what up all.

I'm not drawing her again

bit of a creepy look you got there cat.

Hi blob

they say if you stare into the abyss... thats what stares back and it smiles

oh, silly me. Thanks!

Are you a true slav?
Give best slave pose


huh? I'm boop
dont scare me like that! i damn near piss myself
better? :3

too late

better indeed

Oops I thought you were blob sorry boop

/r/ more cute art of these two, maybe Lemn comforting her slightly younger crybaby brother Leim.


Rent gf online

great :)
dont worry about it guy

Бoльшoe cпacибo!

Have you drawn a realistic sam?


Oh we finally settled on a thread!

For user

not OR but thats real nice

Requesting Stocking Anarchy Blowjob

indeed that is nice


Hi friends im back for a bit, dunno if we're going out again or not idk

what's up?

The drawthreads earned this fate.

Oh snap, you finished it!
Very nice.

With who? Your gf?

They sure did

Not much, thinking of waiting up for more drawfags to see if any wanna take my request...

Oh my god... This is so hot!
maybe later !

What next for the bunny couple's lovemaking escapades?

I dont understand

alt version

These threads manage to be more cancerous than the overt cancer threads on the most cancerous board on a cancer-ridden website

Aww, I wanted to see more of that Scraps hot curvy goodness.

It looked stupid


hand holding

Bondage bonding!

We are all braindead here, why not show it?

Sorry dubs but i still dont understand


Flonne on the right:

Mist on the left:

Anything lewd Yuri with these two or...Futa...if you prefer that.

Flonne fucking Mist in any position with her tail, lots of semen ejaculating from tail.

Flonne/Mist whipping the other one on a Wooden horse (device) while one of them is in bondage gear.

You wanted to post on the most popular board with the most apathetic moderation ever seen? Well you got it. The YLYL threads have their banana troll, the IG/FB porn threads have BLACKED, the waifu threads have Spicer and Gurofag, and the Drawthreads have Shitroast.

requesting a loli executioner

meh had a second, thought it looked bland so i atleast added a skin colour hah

what's a drawfag?

i like that lighting :o

>gib req

>giving anons names
Fucking disgusting.

give request

Draw Eusine trying to pet that crystal thing on suicune's head.

It is not easy to earn names on Cred Forums, but these individuals were trying so hard to get "known" so I gave them a freebie.

Her eating a pac-man pellet!

the Anal gape of a girl after she is fucked by a dragon dick