Name my band

Name my band.

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"The Licious"


I dunno but that picture is kickass

the farseers

FYI - 1990's MIT wearable tech team

Fanny Pack

The Fanny Packers

Safest Virginity


Virtual Girlfriends

the gaytrix

Queer Eye for the Spectrum Guy

Farscape Lovers

5 seconds to Friendzone


Scotch neet

Jing Jong Jerings


The Turbo Aspies

Randy's brother sure has that pedophile look.
>the hair
>the stache
>his open mouth/tongue
>the rapist pedo sweater

Blade Shuffler

The Returds

Oh come on. 100% these guys are smarter than all of us.

True kek

Lorde, lost my shit.

The ViRgins (get it VR?!?! kekekeke)


please go here and stay

How about Virtual Rapist. Virgin Reeeeee?

>niggas who look like da klan

dungeons and faggots