ITT: we plan supervillain schemes

ITT: we plan supervillain schemes

>be me
>steal shipping containers of potato chips from cargo holds
>go to grocery store
>bring portable sonic cannon
>go to snack food isle
>use weapon to shatter all the chips in their bags into dust
>return to lair
>corner the chip market on a ridiculous markup

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>be me
>Go into Walmart
>Strategically place explosives around the supports
>Leave Walmart
>Can't find me cuz the cameras broke

>be hitler

>lose ww2

> kills himself

>Known throughout History for the rest of time

>go to heaven and be awarded three sets
of wings for killing so many demons

>Be me
>Get some pounds (£)
>Convert into dollars
>Wait for price of a pound to drop
>Convert dollars into pounds
>Be richest person in Britain

>stake out arch nemesis' lair
> rifle through his garbage for toenail clippings
>put clippings in clone machine i got out of an outlet mall in tanzania
>Have my mortal enemy beat the shit out of himself on his own front lawn
>film it and put it on worldstar

>be you
>Get some pounds(don't have that key)
>Convert into Zimbabwean Dollar
>Be Millionaire

Why not clone arch nemesis GF, fuck her, and film it?

>because you always give your used up old toys to those less fortunate
>no point in taking it back

So your arch nemesis took your girl?


He was a very incompetent leader, dude.

know a better reason to want to kill some dude that i'd buy a shit tier clone machine from Tanzania for?

I'd fuck his mom then or his sister. Just make sure he sees the video before his own clown kicks his ass.

What if i made his clone fuck his sister and mom, same time mind you. Then text the video to himself and send in the clone to kick the shit out of him.

I've come up with the ultimate plan.
>Clone his entire family
>Kill the original family (not him)
>Move in
>Make the clones treat you / think you are him
>Have Clone family turn on him
>Live happily ever after

>have a chili carnival with the dead bodies and invite him?

Die you nerd ass faggot

mine is simple enough to barely warrant greentext, but...

>hire suicidal people
>tell them they get some financial compensation to travel and do some very minor work for an organization studying theft
>they get free vacation
>they get decoy wallets/valuables
>tell them not to pursue, act normal if/when their wallets/belongings are stolen
>required to briefly visit POOR parts of the resorts they visit
>get shit stolen
>come back without belongings
>belongings were filled/covered/coated with anthrax
>wipe out scum that deserves it

It's wildly indirect and ineffective, but I love the effort just for an insane laugh, and isn't that what being a supervillain is about?