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Feels thread Cred Forums

dubs thread

>check em!

ur just gunna eat both plates fatty,

Other plate is supposed to be for soulmate, left half way through cooking together because she didn't agree with me talking, finished dinner by myself and am just sitting here waiting for her

>soul mate
>Capri sun

whats his name?

Kraft and Capri sun you fat fucking toddler



got accepted to the school of my dreams but debt from a bad drug period i had means i cant get a loan and might not be able to go.

need to find a job and make 3000 dollars in the next four months or else im screwed. cant get a job easily bc i have epilepsy and cant drive, and theres nothing hiring in walking distance.

if i cant fix this, and get into college, i dont know what ill do. i just... idk. im a wreck right now.


I'm getting my degree soon, have a job lined up for after graduation. I'm just so lonely and I feel like I have no energy

“i’m so lonely”
>eats mac and cheese off a plate
>drinks capri sun
“wonder why I’m so lonely”

Haha nigga you set out a plate for nobody haha

Why her capri sun open if she left before dinner was done? Plus how old are yall niggas 12?

she left because the street lights came on and it was getting close to bedtime. OP is just being melodramatic


I lost my job last week, and feels like I'm constantly panicking.
Does being reliant on unemployment always feel like this?



Mac and cheese, canned beans, Capri sun....no wonder why.