Cred Forums has seceded from the planet, dubs decide new laws and trips override previous laws, go

Cred Forums has seceded from the planet, dubs decide new laws and trips override previous laws, go

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Traps are not gay

traps are very gay

OP is a faggot

Guns are prohibited by any civilian, only specific high ranking police personal will have one. Any civilian found with a gun will get 20 years in prison

Anyone caught masturbating will be taken to a strip club and paired off with someone of the opposite, or if they are so inclined, same gender.

Tard 1v1s in roman style tournaments are now legal.

Public fucking is now very legal.

Feminist protestors will be taken back to kindergarten through high school until they prove either that they are no longer feminists or that we DO live in a patriarchy. In the case of the latter they will be given a certificate which makes them immune to this punishment again and sent on their way.

The guy that made that post will also be taken back to kindergarten though high school until he realizes what a fucking stupid idea that is.

No political correcorrectness

No citizens may protest in streets until they have some form of undeniable proof that what they are protesting is harmful, bad, evil, etc. Entire nation votes on whether proof is valid on live T.V. using the internet to gather votes

anyone who talks about racial or sexual politics is sentenced to death

Rolling again for this. I said something similar but i like this better.

i am god

All logposters must die in fire in front of everybody they love/love them (if there are any)

Any person who willingly and knowingly provides false accusation against another will be sentenced to the same amount of time which the accused would have been sentenced.
Because fuck that.

Death penalty

all guns legal forever

obeying laws is optional

No more boxy or cuck threads.

age of consent is now 14

There shall be no law.

Arguments shall be settled by rolling for dubs.

only cp is to be posted

no more traps

more traps

All muslims are now subhuman. Males used for forced labor, females are used as toilets, human sex toys, and they are to be sexually humiliated, abused and tortured for entertainment...

"for teh lulz" is an acceptable court defense.

gay traps

Bestiality is legal, as long as the animal isnt hurt

mooore cp


looots of cp

Well,I guess traps are gay now

Ay lmao

Metric system and football is the world's standard


Women are not allowed to post on Cred Forums unless they first post a set of timestamped pics, which shows the following... face, tits, cunt, asshole, and their photo ID.

trash economy and state-inforced trap conversion

Ban Cred Forums and /mlp/ and permaban / IP ban all the users

White people are imprisoned forever to become BBC slaves


semen is the universal trading coin

people can only drink pineapple juice

traps are gay

guns are outlawed; only people who don't reply to this post will have their mom killed while she's asleep tonight and no immunity can save you

Voting law in.

captcha is optional


Captcha is no longer "select street signs... no these street signs... retard, I mean THESE street signs... fuck it click some mountain / hills"

less traps without changing the number of traps.
OP is a fag

Let's start a war

Traps are not gay if you say no homo

There will be a department of sex set up in every county nationwide, where men and women can go to have casual NSA sex for free. Once you enter, you are graded on your looks, and placed in a "league" . You can't turn down anyone in your own league, or a better one.

We are implementing upvotes / downvotes and everyone must choose a username and link their facebook account to be able to post comments and make threads..

White women are imprisoned to become BBC slaves


Fuck off

Anime is gayand hereby banned

Follow the trip laws, faggot.


No, fucking kys reddit faggot

then be banned. These are our laws now.

Black people cannot use any technology buily by white man



Damn. My laws are vanquished?

Anal sex is now completely off the table.
Rifles are fully legal, even as automatic.
Niggers get gassed along with Jews and anyone who actively detriments society.
Everyone must commit to 6 years of military service of some kind, those who refuse are killed.
And in finality, all women above age 16 must report to breeding centers for at least six months of thier life, where they are forced to be sexual slaves. After that, a group of them decide who needs to be where in society.

Everyone must be naked at all times


The removal and banning of the ponies

I ban this law forever


Every law that got dubs but was rerolled doesnt count and their op is a faggot

All women must get a very invasive, fully nude body exam on their 18th birthday, which is recorded, and uploaded to an online database. Each video will show close ups of all sex organs, some sexual poses, the girl masturbating to orgasm, and take a load somewhere on/in her body.

Gladly. I hope you fucking die

Yeah so the male/female ratio would be like 50:20 and it would be mostly 4/10 guys fucking each other in the ass

There shall be enforced weight regulations across the US. If you are too heavy, you will report to government run fitness centers every day where you will be subject to 3 hours of intense workouts until they are below regulations. If found drinking soda, diet or not, while above weight regulations, you will receive the death penalty. This is a gender neutral law. If you are too fat to walk, you will be refused aid and will die of starvation/dehydration. All drugs are now legal.

anarchy is the only law