Ask a man who kidnaps girls and turns them into my sex slaves anything

Ask a man who kidnaps girls and turns them into my sex slaves anything.

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how tf u do it

can u send 1 to me? ty

prove it

Mind the edge

send doge keep gurl plz

Stalk, sedate, torture, then brainwash.
I can get you fresh meat if you're willing to pay the hefty price tag.
Not yet.

ok how much? ty

When u gonn wake up, bro?

Underage girls are $10,000
Older are $8,000

is that belle knox?

>Claims to have been molested and sexualized as a child.

"Hey, we got a great photo concept. Lose the shirt and bra"

"Okay sir"

My questions is why are you LARPing?

That's a hella cute big ol' pupper.

favorite location to snatch them up?

What do your expenses look like? Average cost in time at each phase? Do you acquire any ROI? Is it getting harder to get away with or easier?

Ur mom gey

As if you could get a girl for this, what is this uganada?

Do you regularly lie to strangers on the internet, or is this the first time?

Ally Raisman

>ask an edgy middle schooler who gets bullied anything
Have you tried sticking up for yourself?

this price is the most unrealistic thing on this thread

even in eastern europe they cost ten times that

we need more pics of that girl to see if you're telling the truth

Illegal shit

Plus ur mum jey

How old were you when you realised you're a larping faggot?

Whatever dude

Ikr (bump)

Is that catgoddess?

Send pics of this girl


Too similar, can't unsee.

at what time the train from frorida to NYC arrives? I mean for tomorrow morning

My thoughts exactly... And not even decent LARPing at that. OP posted a pic that's on another active thread.


If you actually knew anything about anything, you'd know that at the bear minimum you're looking for at least $30k to buy a bottom shelf female.

Bad LARPing is bad.

Can you kidnap girls who are dykes? I say this because fuck dykes. Rape them all user.

10k for an underage is very cheap, you know, an underage prostitute makes that money in less that a week to her owner

as if that means anything anymore

Oh my, we have a dark side lurker a amongst us. Tell us more.

op is gone to kidnap more girls