Be me

>Be me
>Have a friend with a thot for a girlfriend
>Might be cheating
>She forgets her phone and where she left it
>Find it in my room
>Locked screen
>Dont tell her shit about it
>4 days later she calls asking about it
>"Its really important that you find it user, it has a lot of personal pictures and I dont want it to spread"
>*evil grin*

If someone helps me open the phone Ill post every nude she has. I have intel that she fucked other thots in the past and might have pics about it. Its an LG V10 locked with pin.

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There used to be a way you could use siri but I can't remember

Its an LG

>locked with pin
Look up a list of the most common pins on Google

boot it up in recovery mode and make a backup

The only option the recovery menu gives me is to factory reset the phone.

The pin is endless, so it can be any pin


At least she has good taste in phones
> Not an iPhone


Also, a lot of people use visual patterns rather than numeric patterns. For example: going down the first column and then across the bottom row, or going diagonally top-left-bottom-right then top-right-bottom-left

Keep working, anons. I want to ruin some cunt tonight.

Am I rite? iPhone are trash.

>it can be any pin
Birthdate dd-mm.
Birthdate yyyy.

I have same uses a finger print scan're screwed unless you plug it into a linux machine, should be able to pull data

Connect to computer and extract files maybe?
Fucking retard

What the fuck is wrong with her lower half?

Fucking use these, OP.
Come on, my dick is dying.

Also try important dates in her life: anniverseries, mother's death, things like that.

If you haven't touched it too much since you got it, try looking at the smudge pattern on the screen; taps on the buttons for the pins will be distinct from swipes and keyboard taps.

Buy used version of same phone. Say you found it. Watch when she tries to enter password.

You have to unlock the phone to transfer files don't you?

if it's a lg you can always see if she has everything on a micro sd

Any luck, OP?

This. I've had success pulling the sd card out and checking it on my computer or phone.

It's a v10. It'll bootloop before he can unlock it

who dis bitch, she's cute.

Depends. My N5x shows up even when it's plugged in locked.

Already tried, because of the pin it doesnt let me debbug.
Thing is, she bought the same phone and now shes using pattern codes.
Nope, still at it

Tried to see if she had an sd, but nope, all phone memory.

Im making an attemp to recovery boot it, wish me luck.

Have you tried extracting the sd to your phone?

Isn’t there a way that you can connect the phone into the computer as a media device and access the data without unlocking it?

You should be able to boot into recovery by holding vol- + power.

Keep going OP. But check to see if it has an SD card before continuing just in case it locks up on you.

My dick believes in you, OP.

try this op

Fuck me I guess I should read the whole fucking post. Fuck I hate being a fucking retarded faggot.

if it has an sd card take out and see if the pics are there

God I wanna marry Stephania

OP, boot into recovery, connect it to ADB Bridge, and rm /data/system/gesture.key (even if it's a pin). Then, get everyhthing off there ASAP, before it re-locks.



You use the volume keys to navigate in recovery mode. Find the entry that says "debug" or "ADB".

Or post a pic of the screen.

Look for a fucking SD card you idiot, it's an android.

You know that A) he already did and B) not all androids have SD Cards, right?

Don’t you guys read the phone doesn’t have an sd, all of the data is in the internal memory.

She was prepared for this moment.

How many times am I going to write that theres NO SD CARD

Thank you Cred Forumsro

You realize she's a hard-core SJW lesbo bitch?

since op isn't delivering i will

Just look for it man, the SD card, on the phone.

>She was prepared for this moment.
if she was that prepared, user would not know anything till now

Oh snap!
So was this all a ploy by OP to just get us to dig up the sauce for the pic?

tanks user...
dude, you are a portoricanian?

Strange she did not login to her google account to find the location, set off the alarm, or wipe the phone. She dumb or you lying.

could be

Read before you talk shit, you idiot

Baited? :thinking:

>Getting this trolled

OP never said his pic related was the girl he was talking about

He’s just finding a way to get in a phone help a nigga out so he can share the data, a man that desperate for unlocking something means its good.

This nibba correct