My ex because she a bitch

My ex because she a bitch

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Want more?

hell yeah

Yeah why not


Here's a nice one

Dammit OP. I dont want to look at a bitch's pussy.

Don't know why it's upside down

Oh, then she was a real nice girl. very sweet

sorry you're not hitting that no more, thank you for sharing op

Op what else? Let's get some butthole or feet pls

what did she do user?

She was nice


Why is it all rekt and floppy? She must of had lots o sex

you a child

She told me that being with me was stressful? She wouldn't explain or tell me what i was doing wrong so idk. we've been together 2 years and i put a lot into it for her to just end it for no reason and with no warning

We did have lots of sex, yes

wow really?

>constant contact
"too stressful"
>pretend to not care
"emotionally distant"
"only cares about his looks"
>not hot
"not hot"
".... I'm okay with this"
>not rich

Seeing that you're the kind of guy to post her nudes in anger clearly without any logical processing, I see why she thought you were stressful. I don't blame her for leaving


Plenty of logical processing. i offered her my heart and did everything for her and she crushed it, and instead of offering a reason she just insulted me and acted like a bitch offering me know way to make things right

I use the word offering too much...

You thought with your heart.

Lots -0- sex* and like still she must of with a lot of different guys. She must love guys lol

bitch deserves it keep it coming

That’s a gorgeous ass

I bet op is a control freak that expected her to send nudes and now posting them here because she finally left his sorry ass

Her pussy is gross your a faggot

Why did your phone autocorrect Arby's to bitch?

Here's what I suggest, to have a successful relationship, become friends (no sexual benefits) with a girl. Be just her friend for a long while, like a few years. Then if the opportunity comes up, date her. The friendship would've been a sort of compatibility test and any of the issues should've been worked out by then. Also, lots of sex can become unhealthy. At that point, the whole relationship can become focused on just sex, making things more unstable and likely to fall apart for seemingly no reason. Don't get with just any girl, get with a wholesome girl with good character.

You might not like all of what I just said but if you are serious and dedicated to having a real relationship, it will work.

That's all I can offer.

Need to see that butthole op

I was wondering myself

hey after you pick yourself up after your spiral of depression, hmu im making a crew of rappers like us