Can I just get some weird recs...

Can I just get some weird recs? I feelt as though through all my years on Cred Forums i've finally gone thru and checked out most p4k-core(indie and shit), all the Cred Forumscore shit that always gets spammed on here, as well as scaruffi- and /rym/ core.

At the moment I'm a bit bored with my current music and would love some recs of some weird/obscure stuff that will at the very least sound fresh and interesting. This is not a bait thread, this is a plea for some cool gems you might know about. Open to most any genre, right now classical, jazz and drone (drone in the vein of Boris' Flood) in particular, but really open to ALL

To show my appreciation I'll make an effort to rec you something cool in return

thanks in advance

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I don't know a lot of classical, but this stuff is pretty good.

For drone in the vein of Flood, maybe try Terry Riley, lots of really comfortable repetition.

Czechoslovakian avant-prog

The Ape of Naples by Coil is a great album.

not op, but have literally seen this album hundreds of times on here, no exaggeration

I'm mostly into piano chamber music. Here's some early 20th century classical that's really special. Not all of it is obscure but whatever.

All of Scriabin's sonatas, I recommend the 5th one, the ones before that are very romantic and each next one after the 5th gets a little weirder.
Also his symphonies are great, especially this one.

Sorabji is a bit of an odd ball.

Shostakovich is always good


Feinberg, I can't find his first one online but it's on Spotify and probably torrented somewhere

Schumann is far from obscure and not really that weird most of the time but this piece is great in my opinion, sounds very impressionistic.

Oh and Schumann obviously isn't 20th century but whatever. I just really like him.

Anyway here's another Scriabin piece that's about the world burning up in flames or some shit
I love his fever dream type music

Dumping some of my favorites.

Drone :

Soul/Vocal Jazz :

Avant-Garde Jazz :

Avant-Garde Jazz :

Classical/Drone :

Aight boi, you want weird shit? I've got weird shit.
Blackhouse-Hope Like A Candle
Industrial/noise revolving around Christianity, unironically spreading the word of Christ through noise.

Lvl. 23 Foreskin Fighter-Your Words Are Noise
Concept noise album revolving around Alex Jones.

Apator-Masturbate in Praise of Black Satan
Bit of a meme at this point, just really bad bm (barely qualifies as bm to begin with).

Dead Neanderthals-The Depths
Lotta free jazz, hard to describe really.

Neoandertals-Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child
The members consider themselves 'neoandertals', living off of the land but also using modern technology. Brutal death metal with just bass, drums, and vocals.

>Concept noise album revolving around Alex Jones

My sides have entered low earth orbit.

>Concept noise album revolving around Alex Jones

free avant-garde jazz that sounds beautiful more than it sounds dissonant, just really pretty and exciting jazz
both sides are incredible

Why can't I find this fucking album on soulseek

when i looked there was only one person sharing it, I'll share it now if you want

im sharing mp3s of it now, and i just searched again and there's also flacs of it available

>Soul/Vocal Jazz :

I really like this so far, thanks for sharing!

I'm downloading the mp3 version right now, i'm pretty sure it's you. But I can't find the guy who's sharing the flac version, anyway, it doesn't matter, thanks lad.

There's a VomitSprinkler in my Liverriver- Deep Turtle
The Eye- KUKL
Caledonia by Cromagnon if you haven't heard it (though i'm assuming you have)
Gargoyles- Liebermann

assorted weird shit, sorry if you've heard it or don't like it (RIP)