ITT: music that scares away soyboys

ITT: music that scares away soyboys

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Okay I'm hopping over to the soy


this is satire, right? id rather guzzle soymilk and tofu everyday of my life than even be reminded limp bizkit exists

Nu Metal is the best soy repellent ever.
Buttrock too.

>proceeds to listen to car seat headrest and nmh

three dollar bill yall is unironically better than any Cred Forumscore album

Nu-males will never get it

I know you're not implying LB is even on the same planet as NMH, so I'll let it go this time.

it's so god-awful it's not even better than itself

Punisher shirt tier.

You must be pretty retarded or just baiting if you think these albums aren't extremely low-test. I guess Limp Bizkit is maybe the least soy nu-metal band but metal in general is fairly soy

Anti-soy music that's actually good

yea theyre on a better one

limp bizkit > nmh

listened to nmh once, never again
listened to limp bizkit multiple times, it's so bad it's good and wes borland is a really good guitarist

Ma neighbor Billy sold me a vial o crack cocaine fer fiddy dollars. Stashed them in ma brown Ol Navy cargo shorts with holes in da butcrack

You know it's true


lol at OP being proved right instantly

came here to post this


pretty sure anyone over the age of 16 is scared away by this

>if you don't find pic related sexy, you're a soyboy

this is what OP did

I really don't like Jim but the Doors are some top tier jams.