I can't believe Sam Hyde dated her

I can't believe Sam Hyde dated her


I bet he felt CRUSHED after they broke up


anyone have their new ep?
it isnt up on US spotify yet

Sam Hyde dated her?!

I can't believe Sam Hyde

who got da link for the ep

Did Crusher and Sam Hyde tag team that?


Ausfag here, listened to it on spotify. Good stuff.

Hoping there is still an album coming. Maybe this sound didn't fit with the rest of their material for an album so they wanted to release it first? We'll see though.

Why do you think he went AWOL once he found out about the NEXGENCRUSHER?

do you think she changes cloths on camera? do you think the camera is still on? do you think one is possible to attain this footage?

open cloth

fuck this hapa fucking faggot

y'all unironically listen to this kiddie trash? i get their gimmick, they make cute music and shit but there's literally nothing interesting about them or their music holy shit. also where is the crusher sex tape

That's actually a great video.

t. soyboy

Great melodies and song topics, strong personality, general fun. That's enough for me, sometimes I don't want to listen to elseq.

Cinema's a good tune, probably their best song yet

Yo wtf, this guy is legitimately her boyfriend? I thought it was just a meme with a random ass photo from /fit/

Now the KKB music feels 'dirty' for some reason.

i can't tell if he's hung or just 5'5". you never can tell with these goddamn asians

He's blasian.

The meme started because he tweeted about how Sarah "keeps the balls empty and the belly full" after several bulge pics

how tall is he?

upload it to slsk you fucks

dude it's in the sharethread

oh cool


oh so he is like 5'5"

who cares when you're packing ballistics like that? if you're a manlet AND you have a tiny schlong, then we have a problem

but it looks bigger than it is because he's a fuckin manlet

I said that with Sam Hyde's voice in my head


wtf new ep? they didn't announce anything prior to the release right?

i'm on you know how it is now and it is a great throwback to the late 80s/early 90s twee pop sound