Is converge the only good metalcore band?

Is converge the only good metalcore band?

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No, they aren't even the best.

Botch, The Chariot, The Dillinger Escape Plan, there's more that I'm not thinking of.
Code Orange (I preferred them when they were Code Orange Kids but each to their own),
metalcore heads bang on about *early* Poison The Well, which I've never listened to.
There were LOADS of bands in the 90s that have been largely lost to the sands of time, talking about PTW.

Fuck me, I'm trying to think if I remember anything else. I don't even like the genre.

This is the only good metalcore band

Protest the Hero has some alright albums; also they're the only 'X the Y' good band, everything else is crap.

earth crisis, starkweather, acme, cave in, integrity, and the list goes on

90's metalcore still holds up pretty well imo. there are some underrated stuff, do some digging

Talking about Earth Crisis has reminded me of this band that played an absolutely ridiculous set at Fluff Fest, Earth Crisis headlined at that same weekend.

Chokehold also played, and they're very good, I haven't particularly enjoyed them on record but I think I've listened to the wrong album. They're stellar, absolutely stellar live and their legacy is huge.

I saw Chokehold play with Disembodied. They were just completely obscene. I went to A&E.

Xibalba are ridiculously ignorant but heavy as all fuck,

You might get something from listening to Renounced as well, they're our UK boys at the moment. I have never enjoyed them on record as much as I have with their stellar live show but I've heard their last record is a stormer.

I saw Jesus Piece play a small venue here in London, they're from Philly, and they're absolutely worth a listen. Very good band. Lyrically there isn't that much going on, but the blunt words are carried by their delivery and the astonishing sound.

>As i Lay Dying
>Between the Buried and Me
>Killswitch Engage
>August Burns Red
>Parkway Drive
>Protest the Hero
>Code Orange
>Miss May I
>Old All That Remains
>Darkest Hour
>Lamb Of God
>The Devil Wears Prada (except for their first two albums)
>In Hearts Wake
>Texas in July
>The Dillinger Escape Plan
>The Amity Affliction
>Woe is Me
>For Today
>Shadows Fall
ehh... No?

thanks senpai.

good christ

one of my favorites

>The Devil Wears Prada (except for their first two albums)
>Literally the first two are their only listenable albums

Northlane, Code Orange, Some KSE and Dillinger are good

>There were LOADS of bands in the 90s

yeah pretty much any of the 90s "metallic hardcore" is better than most of the bands referred to as metalcore now

>Miss May I

Holy fuck I love that album so much.
>Is converge the only good metalcore band?
Shai Hulud and Misery Signals are also good

>Shai Hulud and Misery Signals are also GREAT

I enjoyed Wear Your Wounds a lot.

At what point did you realize it was better than Jane Doe?

Fucking KNOCKED LOOSE all the wayyyy

Point the finger
reject the blame
I call out for help
But I will never call YOUR FUCKING NAME ANGUISH!!!!!!!!